• You were a steady Rain
    I did not mind
    I danced in it, I thrived in it
    I scooped you into my hands and smiled because
    I love the Rain and I love you.
    You were a drizzle at first, a sprinkle of droplets on my windshield that
    I was unsure if I should wipe away, but then you filled my vision,
    you pounded on the glass and oh, I was lost in you,…[Read more]

  • I play it back in my head
    My memories flip, rewind, fuzz
    I don’t know where we went wronggnorw tnew ew erehw wonk t’nod I

    I’ve dreamed of you smiling
    Oh how I miss your smileelims ruoy ssim I woh hO
    Sometimes I thought you were my dream

    We were in love for 443 days
    I did not say it enough
    You did not mean it enough

    Too bad so saddas…[Read more]

  • I remember how it felt to see those bursts of light. I was in a daze, those freckles of colors splattered against the lonely night. I felt endless. I kept thinking that one day when I was bigger, I could collect those tiny flickers and stuff them in my pockets, saving them for moonless nights, and for sad nights.

    I got bigger, and I…[Read more]

  • HumanKryptonite commented on the post, gone 7 years, 1 month ago

    love left alongside you.

  • I wish everything was possible.


    but some shooting stars nosedive.

  • You are an oak tree sturdy and worn
    scuffed up at the edges and yet

    you are strong arms and safety
    when the monsters come to play
    and I am feeling naive again

    I have done these things a hundred times
    You […]

  • I slip into insanity, feel it’s sleekness on my skin
    It feels so new, but I’ve worn it before-
    On the happy hours and sad nights when
    beer is my lover and we fall asleep together,
    knowing he’ll be gone […]

  • HumanKryptonite commented on the post, want 7 years, 3 months ago

    To crave is such a distinguished feeling from other emotions. With sadness and happiness, it’s temporary. We can “feed” our feelings and change them. But to want something, well….

    It’s like a hunger that never wanes.

  • Handing out fate at the end of the line
    So far behind everyone else
    Can’t help but wonder about the destinies left over
    what’ll it be this time?
    what’ll it be this time?

  • HumanKryptonite commented on the post, chat 7 years, 6 months ago

    How do I even begin a conversation with you? We’re so alike, so in love, and so completely different that I feel like the weather is all we share.

    This first date of ours will be awkward, cute, and confusing as […]

  • Give me a reason,
    Any alibi will do,
    to make me come back
    and suffer along side you
    like I always do.

  • Scars don’t hurt like they began.
    There’s nothing physical to them,
    The agony is purely mental-
    A scary story told gentle.

    So then, tell me?
    Why do I suffer so
    When I see you pass me by
    If my heart has […]

  • My eyes grow,
    panicked breaths
    my lungs are swollen balloons
    “Is this happening?”, I ask myself
    “Whattayasay?”, you ask myself
    a foot tapping,
    you put your hand in mine
    and my heart […]

  • SPLASH- a puddle wraps around my ankles.
    GUSH- the sound of galoshes
    CHIRP- a tweet from a feathered friend that wishes to say hello.

  • Take my heart, scrape it, clench it in your hands,
    I am weak clay in them,
    I am just mud if left alone.
    Shape me in an image, capture your thoughts,
    I am tangible, I am real if you make me so.
    So create me, I […]

  • It covered her. Soot was everywhere, the fire had burned the city to the ground; her world, her life, her everything, was a powdered ash that hovered in the skies.

  • This damage you’ve caused, it broke me.
    I am a snapped branch after the hurricane,
    and you were the storm.
    Your eyes were lightning that hit me in daze and
    separated my soul and body.
    Your words hit me like […]

  • I want to keep you safe, trap you in my arms,
    here there’s no escape.
    here there is no harm
    I’ll lock your fragile heart up in a tomb,
    birth your sweet memory from the womb
    and on we’ll go, into the sun, into […]

  • Light me up, shake me down, rotate this frown
    see the silver lining in the clouds
    and we’ll go up, up, up in flames
    in love.

  • Your eyes shone upon me,
    so crystal clear lightning shook through them,
    and your hand grazed my shoulder as we sat on the cold curbside
    and waited for the sun’s bright rays.