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    Dozen of people share my dreams. Dozen of people will know success and fame. Dozen of people would rather jump than fall off. However, I’m the only one that’d die just to take off.

  • The teacher stood at the chalkboard glaring at her students. “Well?!” she asked, “None of you did this?!” The children looked at each other in fear, that one would speak out against another; the silent revolution never sounded. With that teacher punished all the children severely. See the children thought she was looking for individuals, […]

  • Puzzling things trifle the mind with weight unbearable to any subgod entity and subjugate your thoughts from that which makes you happy to your woes.

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    I love you, however…
    I need you, however…
    I want you, however…
    That was great, however…
    Good try, however…


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    It was policy they said. Don’t give me that crap! I know the fuckin’ policy asshole. Fine! If I have to take this bullshit then fuck it! I’m taking you fuckers with me…the stapler too.

  • He wondered on and on into the horizon that never moved. This flat world will end eventually. Its just… will I end before it?

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    Its just so close, but never close enough. You jump forward and reach out, only to fall. Almost, maybe once more. You can see it on the horizon, always coming closer, but it’ll be a century before you have the courage to really grasp that dream so close to your heart. Almost is the destroyer […]

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    The light rose above the trees with an extreme amount of purpose. “Here they are!” it screamed. But to no avail. Words without a person to listen to, were never spoken.

  • Only a dead fish swims with the stream.

  • The coward stepped forward. He gazed up through the loop of despair. He sought refuge in the clouds hanging in the sky as he would hang from this post and received nothing. The coward stepped forward, he stepped his last step.