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    missalister - - "Threads of doubt dangled from the placenta, partially enveloped the fetus, and when it became so fat with doubt, it pounded with powerful fists to be freed and was expelled into an abysmal world of human games of survival based on levels of intelligence and arsenals of material wealth, and it saw that its height of power, of just being, floating and fat with doubt, was its finest […]"View
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    duskhwy - - "The timing of all our sways and kicks and jumps and pirouettes started out perfectly in tune. Lauren came in early with one step, and Beth, our new dance captain, gawked in horrified embarassment–she should have missed her split, but she remembered herself after a second and did it way too late, and Kayleigh tripped over her ankle, and one by one, we fell in a heap like a screeching, jangled mess of a smashed […]"View
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    Octowhat - - "What a […]"View
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    Prolifik-aka-eLeMeNtal - - "Birth. The saddest moment of my life. I wept and the world […]"View
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