• Wendy P commented on the post, listening 6 years, 11 months ago

    Listening to Swedish House Mafia in their last ever show, ever. Sad, but lovely. My private indulgence in the Social Sciences and Humanities library. Please don’t kick me out. Please. I promise I will move on to actual studying soon.

  • Wendy P commented on the post, boots 6 years, 11 months ago

    I plucked off my wet boots as I stepped inside into the house. How tattered they were now, so ripped and so worn. I had trusted them to last me longer, but what is faith in $10 footwear? They reminded me of the time spent with a dear friend, a friend who is still yet to understand the gospel of God’s grace. Of truth and of freedom.

  • Wendy P commented on the post, fatigue 7 years ago

    Fatigue, ironically, is all I feel when I first awake every morning. Weariness, tiredness, soreness. My eyes need to be rubbed a few times to remove the denial of my reality – yet another night without proper rest. I do not know how I will handle this once semester starts, I am a ticking time bomb.

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    The sanctity of the blood of Christ. To be sanctified by His blood, to live out a life that is set apart from this world, just for Him. Let me not live a life in flesh, but let me abide my God’s grace and love as one who yearns after His heart.

  • Wendy P commented on the post, growing 7 years ago

    Growing, growing, growing in God. Oh Lord, how far you have brought me from the pits of my doubt and weakness, to such confidence now in Your great love and mercy. Lord, you are so faithful! You have destroyed the assurances of my own intellect, of my own securities in the petty things of this world and brought to a place of humility and…[Read more]

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    I always wonder why they do the job that they do. Is it actually fulfilling or a means to an end? It always just seems like they’re doing it because they have to. Who would want to be so ignored and so rebuffed so many times in so little time?

  • Wendy P commented on the post, think 7 years ago

    I think all the time. My mind is this non-stop ongoing conversation between myself and the lesser parts of me. It is a dialogue of overanalysing, of doubt, of joys and an endless onslaught of musings. The things I think of…sometimes I think I am too small to contain the big thoughts I have.

  • Wendy P commented on the post, husband 7 years ago

    There is this dream I have of marriage. To have a godly husband for myself. I want our marriage to exemplify the relationship of love between Christ and His bride, the church. I want a husband whom I respect and admire so warmly, he can only warrant my submission to his leadership. I want to nurture and care for him, to let him not worry about his…[Read more]

  • Wendy P commented on the post, wall 7 years ago

    It was like hitting yourself against a wall frustration. The temporary relief in the short bursts of repetitive pain. Short enough to not really hurt, often enough to remind you that you were still here, that situations had not changed one bit.

  • Wendy P commented on the post, features 7 years ago

    I always notice his features. What do I like most about them? His kind eyes. No, his well kept hair. His distinct jaw line. No, what I love most is his crooked smile. The slyness in the raised corner, his half entertained bemusement. I never noticed, but he is pleasing to look at. But is that true in reality or the workings of my feelings?

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    All is well. All is swell. All was well.

    It was such a simple ending to 7 novels, a giant epic of a story. I felt my childhood leave me a bit as I closed the cover of that very last book, as I glimpsed away from that very last page with that very last word. Well. Swell.

  • Wendy P commented on the post, baby 7 years ago

    I want to have a baby one day. Someone to nurture and to nourish, someone to grow a life in. And I want to share this experience with someone whom I treasure, someone whom I admire and respect and would say a thousand times yes to. We will have a baby to love.

  • Wendy P commented on the post, visitor 7 years ago

    There was a strange visitor at the door. “Do I know you?”, I asked politely, hoping my courtesy disguised the slight trepidation in my voice. “No, but I know you.” Ah. “What was your name, sorry?” Silence. “I know you.” And all my fears came true.

  • Wendy P commented on the post, speak 7 years ago

    Speak to me. Just speak to me. The many times there has been hope for more than glance. Just say hello, make me known. Say goodbye, let me know that you were willing to acknowledge me. We had so many words to share, not too long ago – and now it feels as if all our words strung together are still not enough.

  • Wendy P commented on the post, ahead 7 years ago

    Looking ahead, I see so much potential for myself. I see myself learning as I grow, understanding more and more of the law as I proceed through my studies and through different experiences. One day I will stand and make my mark upon society. Realise that all my dreams until now were not wishful thinking, and that I am more than the idealism that I…[Read more]

  • Friendship is a responsibility – we all have a responsibility to keep the relationship alive, to look beyond ourselves and ensure that the other person is alright. I realised this whilst reading the Little Prince. “You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed” said the brown fox to the Little Prince. I am responsible for him.

  • Wendy P commented on the post, musical 7 years, 1 month ago

    To be musical, I feel sometimes it can be such a chore. Limited by my lack of natural talent, absence of creativity and hindered by my frustration and impatience. I wish I could play like he could…to have fingers that moved magically across strings. I would love to sing with him, complement him.

  • Wendy P commented on the post, real 7 years, 1 month ago

    What is real and what isn’t? Sometimes the line between reality and dreams becomes so blurred in my every day life. I recall moments, snippets of exchanges with certain people, but when I recount them, I can’t seem to pinpoint where it happened. And then it occurs to me…it may have been in a dream. But was it in a dream? Was it? Was it real? I…[Read more]