• I feel repressed. Like there’s a storm in my chest, a tempest of bottled emotion. I want to cry out, scream out, let it out. But I can’t. Everyone says no, you have to be perfect, you have to be calm and collected. They repress me. One day the storm will grow too powerful for them and I will be free.

  • No matter what, he was always seated in the chair in the far left corner of the room whenever she came over- the one with this ugly paisley print and upholstery that stunk of cigarette smoke. He’d sit there while she watched him, taking a drag of his cigarette every so often while he stared at the bleak, white wall blankly. He’d pop his knuckles…[Read more]

  • “How trifle,” she says absently, picking at the laces of his sneakers. He finds it so strange to see someone as haggard and worn as this girl handling something so gently. He watches as she runs her fingertips along the length of the laces gingerly, reveling in the softness of an object, though so base and average to him, was a luxury she’d…[Read more]

  • The more she looked at his face, the better it looked, she decided.

    At a glance, he looked unhappy; his brow was furrowed in constant suspicion, setting the rest of his features into a stern glare.

    But if you looked closer-something she found herself doing more often these days-you could get a peek through the cracks in his little shell…[Read more]

  • “Confide me,” she whispers. “Give me some clues as to this poor, tragic boy really is. This boy who lives a world that conforms just for him, that gives his whatever he wants whenever he wants it.

    He frowned and took a step forward. “This is a boy who’s stuck in a world that lies to him, tells him that he should be happy-that he IS happy-…[Read more]

  • Here, there, everywhere I turn- it’s always with me. Following me around, telling me I’m not good enough, that I don’t fit the right mold. My mind can’t understand this televised world and this televised world controls my mind.

  • To struggle- to struggle is to not know you could have possibly been anywhere better; to wonder if things will have ever change. Or have they even changed at all? Was it all just a mistake, a misconception of what you were feeling?