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    “OMG THIS IS SOO TABOO” Kristi shouts. I groan, mentally smacking myself in the head for getting my best friend the ‘new word a day’ calendar. I’m glad that she’s using it, but she gets quite….enthusiastic about her new words.
    I shush her as we climb over the fence, leaving the safety of our heavily protected world, and enter a new adventure.…[Read more]

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    This used to be my goal;to simplify my life. To keep to my circle, try to expel and avoid rumors about me, and keep my relationship with Damon strong. And for a while, it was a great plan.
    Until the accident.

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    The music was loud, girls flirting with guys, and beer. Everywhere.
    I turned to whisper a snide insult about Gianna, the school slut and my archnemesis, who was cornering every guy she could find to April, but she wasn’t there.
    I scanned the room, trying to see if she had gone after Mark, her longtime boyfriend. But I couldn’t find…[Read more]

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    [A.M. 2013]
    It was some sort of…epidemic. A plague, even. It was like everyone was falling in love. Everyone. With anything or anyone. It was bizarre.
    My sister fell in love with her computer, my mom with her mirror, my baby brother with his stupid light up toy. Everyone was falling in love.
    But me.
    This foreign feeling never hit me, it n…[Read more]

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    The way his body moved, the way his soul was put into every shift, every spin, every count, was breathtaking. I was head over heels in love with someone who was out of my league, but had danced into my heart the second I saw him move. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, how his grace and his charm had won me over once again. How I couldn’t believe…[Read more]

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    I had a certain calling to him as he walked on the outskirts of the party. He had a cool, confident vibe but you could tell that he would be a great person to support you. He looked over and caught my eye. And […]

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    I had a massive heartache thinking about my friends, family and even Wayne back home. I know that running away was a rash decision, but I couldn’t take it. My house was a prison in disguise. It was horrible. Wayne […]

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    I didn’t have a clue what he said. Then I replayed his message. I got it. He was saying it’s not safe for us to be talking but we need to communicate to stay alive in what has now become of North America. Even if […]

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    this was an epic moment in history. kids had taken rebellion to their parents. it was like a war. but parents take war to seriously, and this prank is going to twist and turn into reality quicker than we can say […]

  • misnia commented on the post, desert 7 years, 8 months ago

    I looked around me, only to find that no one was near me. The normal hustle to get to work was gone. Everyone had disappeared. I wondered if it was a joke, but I couldn’t hear any giggle, anyone saying “Shh” or any rustle of plants or trees. Just the wind would reveal itself. I […]

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    I saw his shoulders slouch when nothing huge was happening. I saw him sit straight up, his eyes clearly loving what he’s reading when thrilling things happened. This is the person I love.

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    I heard a riot starting at the end of my street. A slur of chanting was arising as you could faintly hear an authoritative male’s voice on a bullhorn shouting orders to the courageous people.

  • misnia commented on the post, distinguished 8 years ago

    I extinguished a fire right before my eyes. I said something that had burned and raged in my heart that I had no idea how to tame. I did three simple moves- the three hard words to say. And it all started to become clear. I could see through the smoke and worry. I could […]

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    Life behind bars is something I hope to never experience. I do not want to live in a life of crime and fear that I may never get out. I have a clean criminal record and I want to keep it like that.

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    I suddenly knew my entire existence was going to be at risk the second I hit the trigger. I knew the cost of the price I was going to pay if I killed this murderer. But I knew that Marshal’s time was up. It was his turn to pay for the murder of my family. […]

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    “Take it with a grain of salt” My mother’s voice echoed in my head as I soon realized that she wouldn’t be coming back. That fire had burned all of our memories, our mother into charred rubble. I wouldn’t have much to remember what a great mother she is. Or used to be.

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    I offered her my hand to get her out of the burning building. She loooked at me and took my hand gratefully while I swung her around my back and I quickly caried her out of the building right as the roof collapsed. I knew I had seen her eyes before- they were way too […]

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    THere was so much to offer in this new land. Thr promise of a job, the guaranteed happpiness, the amazing people. But something was off, I knew it the second I stepped on to this land. It was too good to be true. Too good of a trap to lure wondering bypassers into the wonderful […]

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    The mist shrouded around her s she walked into the mighty depth of the unknown forest in the middle of New Hampshire. “Be careful!” I yelled after her but it was no use. She was in way too deep for her to even hear my voice as awhisper.. I could only pray that she would […]

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    Her hair was flowing down her back like a sheet of beautiful blonde silk. Her blue eyes as deep as the ocean mesmerized me while she sang so sweetly, so beautifully, so gently that woodland creatures would have come out to sing a speechless duet. Her careful fingers weaved her newest creation out of wool, […]