• Mika commented on the post, soups 6 years, 9 months ago

    “Which one would you like, love?” my father asked me, squeezing my hand as we looked over the counter. Though he couldn’t afford to buy me sweets or candies, he did give me delicious soups to eat. It was all we […]

  • Mika commented on the post, rainy 6 years, 11 months ago

    For most people, rainy days are sad.
    But not for me.
    It’s probably the only time I have to myself, the only time I can think clearly and openly… I don’t have to put on my every-day act to please people. The […]

  • Mika commented on the post, torch 7 years ago

    The only light ahead of me, that horrible flaming torch.
    It was my only light down here, wherever ‘here’ was. I’ve been here for God knows how long, with nothing but that torch. Now I don’t know if it mocks me or […]

  • Mika commented on the post, dismissed 7 years ago

    “Dismissed,” she muttered, waving her hand to shoo us away. I looked at my best friend, and he looked right back at me, that hidden gleam in both of our eyes. We were getting off easy again. Just one little sad […]