• Held down by a chain
    Unending pain
    searching in the dark for light
    There is no difference in wrong and right
    Slowing drowning in the rain
    Forever held down by this chain

  • I look to the side shyly. There she is. Waiting for me, lurking menacingly in the shadow of the building. I bolt in the other direction and hope she doesn’t notice. She snickers and takes off after me. I push […]

  • I pull at the rose as a thorn punctures my finger. I let the flower fall to the ground as it suddenly seems so evil to my small hands. I back away searching for arms to be cradled in but find none.

  • The key lays in my hand, I grip the end and numbly shuffle my feet towards the door. Is it true what they say? I’ll finally find what I seek? No. Stories and wishes like this dont come true.

  • We were more than just a neighborhood dance crew. We were a pack. A group of people that came together as one and danced until sweat soaked through our clothes, and it made us feel important for once in our lives.

  • “Its just a suggestion Maradith, relax.”
    “You people all suggest what’s best for you,not me! I don’t want your suggestions! Just stop already!”

  • The turbine roars at me as I continue to drive past it. I cant see the road clearly as my tears blur my vision. Suddenly I’m airborne, flying through the velvet darkness. Shaddering glass sprays all around me, one […]

  • I walk shyly into science and sit down, wondering if he notices me the way I notice him. I scoot the tiniest bit closer and look up at him. He smiles and I blush a deep scarlet. Just say hello. It isn’t hard. I […]

  • “What a slut.” “She’s ugly anyways, dont stand too close,” I switch the modem off and fall back onto my bed, covering my head with a pillow to muffle the sounds vibrating my chest.These people, strangers, dont […]

  • I jab at the modem in frustration. My Internet has been slow the past two days and I wonder mindlessly if this could be the issue. I sigh and scoot away from my desk and fall back onto my bed. I keep thinking […]

  • The wind whips my hair in circles around my head as I stand on the railroad, my teeth clenched and eyes focused on the wailing train ahead of me. My feet seem unbalanced and as the train grows nearer. I can feel […]

  • I stand here, my head tilted back at the moon, my eyes wide. The railroad sits beneath me, comforting me in a silent way that tells me I’m not alone. I listen for the scream of the train, but only find silence. […]