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    Cells. I immediately think of the picture that Hooke discovered under the microscope so many years ago, a pattern of misshapen squares. These were cells, it said in the biology book. These are what make up life. Every living thing has cells. We are made of them. Animals are made of them. It was strange […]

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    I predict that I will fail miserably at being a star in college because I am so inadequate in my writing compared to other people and me getting into this great college was really just some kind of messed up fluke and this is going to suck. I want to be a good writer, but […]

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    It’s hard to figure out what your beliefs are. I think a lot of people go through life without ever stopping to think what their core values or what is actually important to them in life. I think it’s a critical part of your personal identity as a person, what you believe in. Your life […]

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    Everybody always tells me I have a beautiful smile, but I think any smile, if it’s a genuine one, is gorgeous. It’s the way people’s eyes light up and just sparkle and the joy radiating off their faces. I especially love my boyfriend’s smile, when it’s real, when it’s directed at me as if I’m […]

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    We sat at the train station waiting for the train to come. It was in Japan, and I was excited, because I hardly ever rode trains back in Florida. When the train stopped and people got off and we went in, I was giddy at the little seats facing each other and I sat down […]

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    I embraced him as he stood in my doorway, blue eyes sparkling, hair unruly and playful. He is always so huggable, fitting perfectly in my arms, a little curve in his hips for my arms to settle. I breathed in his scent, stronger always when he sweats, but he wasn’t sweating yet, but the first […]

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    I think of the sun rising in the east. How it does so day by day, and how I rise in the morning to its light, peeking through the window curtain. I’ve never watched a sunrise, but it is something I would like to do one day. I think it must be beautiful, I imagine […]

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    It’s so rare to find a teacher who legitimately cares about his/her job or students, so rare to find a good teacher. Most students like teachers who are carefree, children, don’t teach, and don’t give homework, and it’s easy to be that teacher. It requires no work. But to be a good teacher requires knowing […]

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    Forgetting is terrifying, my worst nightmare. I hold memories so dear to my heart, I write partly because I don’t want to forget memories, because I don’t want to forget. My worst fear is getting a disease like dementia or Alzheimer’s. Living with my grandmother who suffered dementia made me terrified of it. To be […]

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    The house was newly painted orange, and it looked gleaming as it stood on the corner of the street. Some people were dragging in a gray fountain to put on the yard, and her parents were tending to newly planted flowers in the front yard. I waved to them and said hello, and walked on. […]

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    Hipsters in skinny jeans. I used to be afraid to wear plaid, thinking it was relegated to the cool kids, but now I have a few in my closet. Plaid makes me think of my friend Raamish who wears buttons over logos and Toms shoes and listens to an extensive collection of music that I […]

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    In middle school I had a teacher named Mrs. Karvonen who recently got married and used to be Ms. Von. She always filled up all her old yellow chalkboards full of notes in her strange handwriting that was in all capital letters and we’d have to copy down all those notes. Always chalk because our […]

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    Driving down the highway, turning up the radio and singing along to the crappy pop mainstream hits. They’re all so repetitive, but god not everything is about musicality and perfection and absolute elitist beauty. Sometimes it’s just about the wind in your hair, the windows down, the sun streaming from the sky, and singing stupid […]

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    Prom. We got dolled up in our fancy, shiny dresses, most of us chose long ones for the elegance because it was senior prom. Our dates all cleaned up in their tuxes show up with the boxes of flowers in their hand. We hold out our wrists and accept the flowers, mess with the pin […]

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    I have an old pink backpack that I bought at the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Ft. Lauderdale when I was in seventh grade. At the time, I desired a Jansport brandname backpack because it was what all the children at school had, but after the purchase I was wrecked with guilt. The thing cost $60 […]

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    It’s all a myth really, the idea that gratitude is love. We always say we want someone who will love as we are and cry for us and that we’ll be the first person they think about when they wake up in the morning or something. We all say we want that utter devotion, and […]

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    I’ve driven for nearly an hour today. I love driving by myself. I love turning up the music and singing along as loudly as I can, even though it probably sounds bad. It’s probably the only time I’m ever truly alone most days, when I’m in the car. It feels nice to get that sense […]

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    Rain washes the world. It comes down in sheets of droplets of water and just rinses off everything. Cleanses the leaves and the plants and runs like rivers down gutters, rushing away the dead leaves and bugs and whatever else is stuck in them.

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    Bravery. I don’t know what bravery means. People think they’re brave when they talk about things like, oh, I hide my true self from the world and mask all my fears. They try to sound brave, but they really don’t, because the thing is, everyone does that, so it’s not really brave at all. I’m […]

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    He crossed me for the last time today.
    I crossed my arms.
    He crossed his eyes.
    I crossed the street.