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    In due time the world will spin penultimate. The flames will flare through the nostrils of an unfinished painting made of ash.

  • To civilize is to make bread and honey and tell everyone you have the skills of Nemo on the one movie about a fish and his mother. You know, the one where she gets mutilated by sharks? Yeah, that was the exact […]

  • Stillness cannot exist. Stillness is created by the mindful act of becoming something other than yourself; for you, you are nothing but a sloshing mess of emotions and blood-red instabilities. To be still you can […]

  • I refuse to write about the word “refuse.” Instead, we’re going to talk about toast. Toast is great because when you want to eat a stick of butter, you can disguise it behind a burnt piece of wheat. Toast is great […]

  • A chain of events links everything into one piece of solid truth. Death and life hold the edges and safely wave the others across. Chains are meant to be formed, broken, and mended. Life is nothing without this […]

  • Banks of a river flow forward rather than backward. They stream upon an empty soul, forgiving the pebbles in dust. The bank rolls after the quiet semblance of something once remembered, but forgotten in the […]

  • I’d like to get the approval of all those new kids on the block. They walk around in the corduroy jeans and their high-knee stockings, thinking they’re better than everyone else. Well I have news for them, they’re […]