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    Julia wiped a hand over the shirt sleeve. His essence was everywhere, and yet she couldn’t pin-point the one thing that she missed the most. He wasn’t gone. She was sure of it. If it was the last thing she did, she’d find him. If he didn’t come back, there was a good reason. Julia looked at the ticket in her hand. Nigeria. That was the…[Read more]

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    “Your turn.”
    Jack took the board and spun it slowly in his direction.
    “This isn’t a good idea,” he said, glancing at his friend, Steve.
    “Don’t be a sissy,” Steve sneered, “It’s a bunch of hooey!”
    Jack sighed and settled his fingers lightly on the heart-shaped disc sitting silently on the Ouija board.
    “Okay,” Jack whispered.
    A cool breeze…[Read more]

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    “Come on, Jake.”
    John Paul leaned forward and gave the bike a long, hard look. The front wheel was bent, spokes sticking out in all directions. There was no doubt that the wheel was beyond repair.
    “Just take it off and go down to Pete’s Bike Shop. I know Pete will give you a real bargain on a new tire.”
    Jake sighed as he looked at the…[Read more]

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    Jennifer glanced at her sister’s boyfriend and scooped a large spoonful of mashed potatoes onto her plate. Jerry was beginning to cut into the turkey.

    Turkey. That wasn’t a turkey! Turkey had meat and juices and skin that she waited all year for, not a pretend bird made of tofu.

    She poured gravy over her potatoes and added jello salad…[Read more]

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    Brave had never been used to describe Tom Perkins. He was skinny and wore thick glasses, stood quietly at the back of the crowd, was soft spoken, and could easily be described as invisible. But not today. Today, Tom Perkins had had enough. He was mad, and as he walked with intent down the street toward the park, students stepped back out of…[Read more]

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    Gazing out at the gray, smoky city, Johnny Ghost sipped his cold, sugarless coffee and thought about the letter lying on the desk in front of him. He’d read it twice. A widow certain her husband had been murdered. He’d get letters like this every two to three months and always used them to paper the bottom of Cecilia Lady’s bird cage. But not…[Read more]

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    Jack kicked the soda can into the air and cursed as he watched it drop several feet away and roll awkwardly into the brush. He shouldn’t have stopped to look at the animal tracks. Now the others had moved on, and because of his stubborn insistence to do what he wanted and not what he was told, he had been left behind. He wasn’t sure in which…[Read more]

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    Cam rubbed his eyes and peered out from the collection of rock and brush where he’d hidden. It was dusk. Night would envelop him soon and he could again start toward the distant mountains. He knew that was where they went. Everyone else was looking South, but Cam knew the caves were North. That’s where they’d go…North to the caves. It only…[Read more]

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    The playground was dark and quiet. Jen and Peter hid in the shadows, ducking down behind the rose bushes that bordered one side of the park.
    “Anytime now,” Peter whispered.
    The night was still. Not a breeze rustled through the trees around them.
    Jen gasped softly as shadows emerged from out of the darkness. Shadows that took the form of…[Read more]

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    “Gentlemen usually open the door for a lady,” Gertie frowned.
    “You know any?” her brother, Jon, replied with a sigh, “I’ll give them a call.”
    “Very funny,” she stated flashing him a fake smile.
    “You could have stayed home,” Jon reminded her.
    “And miss all the fun?” Gertie stated as she climbed out of the car and looked up at the old castle,…[Read more]

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    “Assuming you know what you’re talking about…why would I want to spend the night in that old, empty barn?”

    Jake smiled. He had him. Paul wouldn’t say no now, not when there was money at stake.

    “We stay the night and we get paid $500.00 each,” Jake stated, “One night, Paul. Just one night.”

    Paul frowned. He knew the reputation of…[Read more]

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    Jackson peered through the trees. Janice inched in beside him and stared at the strangely dressed people dancing around the fire in the clearing below.
    “There it is,” Jackson whispered and Janice nodded as she spotted the small, golden statue sitting on a carved slab with candles glowing around it.
    “How do we get it without being seen?” she…[Read more]

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    Jesse tossed what was left of the rabbit to the side and wiped a hand across her mouth.
    “Not good?” Parker asked.
    “Overcooked,” she stated flatly.
    “Overcooked or not, it might be the last food we see for several days,” Parked sighed, “You might want to think about that before you leave it for the ants.”

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    Baffled, James ran along the night-darkened beach. It wasn’t there! It wasn’t there! He finally fell to his knees, exhausted, and looked out over the ocean waters. How was he to get off this point without the boat that had been promised. There was only one explanation. No one was left. He was alone.

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    He was never known as a songwriter. But he could sing. His voice could be heard drifting on the morning breezes as he herded the sheep from the old barn out into the fields for the day.

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    The date was almost here. I dreaded it. James was sending me a message, a message that confirmed to me that there was life after death. But I didn’t want this message. I didn’t want to know he was there somewhere beyond my sight. I was scared. The circled date on my calendar was getting closer and If the message was correct, my time was short.…[Read more]

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    I knew it was coming and I dreaded it. I was seeing the signs. Signs that scared me. Signs that there was life after death…and James was sending me a message. A message I didn’t want. A message that made me remember. He was coming. The date was circled on my calendar and I knew my time was short. God, what had I done?!

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    The was nothing stealth about the way Jamie ran through the forest. If anyone was really following him, they not only heard his every move, but they could see the movement of trees as he stumbled and tripped over downed trees and craggy rocks. He almost slammed into a large tree as he gripped the trunk with one arm and looked back through the…[Read more]

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    Johnny heard the sound behind him and stopped. He felt the darkness around him clasp hold tighter and any hope of calling out for help lodged in his throat.

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    “Listen,” Lester whispered, “Someone’s in the hall.”
    Lester and Spencer leaned further back into the closet, silently being swallowed by the mothball perfumed coats and furs that had been placed in storage.
    “What if it’s…” Spencer began softly.
    “Shhhhh!” Lester hushed, quickly slapping a hand over Spencer’s mouth.
    Footsteps echoed in the…[Read more]