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    caitlinmonster - - "we are never scalpel sharp or lab coat strict, but we are scientific in our organic grit… the astronomy of your sunspot freckles, the supernovas under our eyelashes, my unrelenting inertia toward you and the homeostasis you have fostered in my blood, the safety we have created in this private b […]"View
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    thegreatchelso - - "Crush = a form of puppy love. Crush = to smash, destroy, shatter. Love is […]"View
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    delcourt - - "I dropped an ice cube a moment ago and before I could think of a logical reaction I found myself throwing the piece in a furious overreaction. I wasn’t even very angry either. I think I’ve just become so used to extreme reactions to minor bouts of clumsiness that now unreasonable reactions have become normal. I’m sure many ice cubes are dropped each day and very few of them warrant such ridiculous […]"View
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