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    The bowl shattered as it hit the ground, and flecks of it skittered across the floor. The red paint inside coated the walls of the room like blood. The entire scene played out in slow motion: cabinets opening and emptying themselves onto counters; the chandelier falling with a crash onto the table. Cracks began to […]

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    The firestorm whipped above his head with an intense heat. He quickly turned his water hose on himself and prayed it would be enough to save his life. He didn’t even think of the dogs that had run off in the yard earlier. He saw the orange flames lick at the trees in the wash […]

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    Jeff’s eyes opened a crack. The sun beat down on him and he had to shut them again. He rolled over on to his stomach and re-opened them. He could see the cracked ground beneath him. Dirt covered his bloody hands. He tried to call for someone, anyone, but his throat was too dry to […]

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    Wind whipped through the stone corridor, almost extiguishing the torch in Red’s hand. She paused, and listened around her. She could hear voices from the room in front of her. As water dripped from the earth above her head, she wrapped her cloak around her tighter and pressed on. She came to a wooden door […]

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    Matt was thirsty. He thirsted for the beauty of music. He wanted to feel it rise up from his soul and pour out through his fingertips, bringing his guitar to life. He closed his eyes and bowed his head down towards the guitar, as if he was hearing it tell him a secret. His left […]

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    She heard the birds chatter in the trees around her. They whispered songs of joy and springtime. The smell of the poppies enticed her to pick them, but she stayed where she was, laying on the sidewalk. The clouds drifted above her, and she dreamed of feeling their softness upon her cheek. She breathed in […]

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    She watched him as he picked out the perfect wine. He checked all the labels carefully. He was looking for something specific. She brushed her hair out of her eyes then walked over to him. “I always get red.” She said to him with a smile. He looked at her and smiled back. “Me too.” […]

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    She lay on the grass, looking up at the shapes the stars formed in the night sky. Her senses were overwhelmed by the beauty. The twinkling of the lights above called to her. She longed to be able to see beyond them, to the galaxies that lie further into space. The milky way streched across […]

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    She wanted to be wanted. She wanted so badly to be important to just one person. She wanted someone to ask her how her day had been. Someone to kiss her and hold her hand when she felt sad. She wanted someone reliable. Someone who would never forget about her. She wanted so very much. […]

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    She stood on the scale in the corner of the gym’s locker room. She watched the other girls go in and out. They were all so beautiful. Their skinny legs didn’t jiggle as their tennis shoes hit the tiles. Their sweat perfectly kissed their necks. She looked into a mirror at herself. Her shorts were […]

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    Leaves crunched under her feet. The icy breeze blew through the trees, causing them to hiss at her as she ran. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears. She kept telling herself she was almost there. Her legs ached with every step, but she had to keep running. She had to find someone to help her, […]

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    Colors flashed across Mark’s eyes. He heard chanting all around him. Good and evil lashed his ears with their arguments. He didn’t know where he was, or even if he was. The world stretched and moaned, and he couldn’t stop it. Suddenly he fell to his knees and grabbed his head. He let out a […]

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    “Be specific for once in your life Rachel!” He yelled at her. “You can’t get out of this one. You have to pick. Are you in this relationship or not?” Rachel sat on the edge of the tub crying, as her husband yelled at her from the bedroom. she didn’t want to lose him, but […]

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    He fiddled with the keychain in his hands. It was a beaded lizard that his little sister had made him years ago. He stared timidly at the door in front of him. He wanted so badly to knock, but he was scared. What if they weren’t home? What if they didn’t want to see him […]

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    He held the papers in his hands as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He had been waiting for the test results, but now that he finally had them, he wondered if he was strong enough to read them. He calmly told himself that no matter what the results were, reading them […]

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    The envelope sat on the table. It was torn open, and the contents lay beside it. The woman sat in a chair a few feet away. Tears streamed down her face. The mascara she wore stained her cheeks with each drop. Her nose dripped and she wiped it with the sleeve of her sweater. She […]

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    The man looked in the mirror and straightened his tie. His wife stepped into the doorway to the bedroom holding a cup of fresh coffee in her hands. “Your coffee Mr. Barber.” She said with a smile. He turned to her and his heart skipped a beat. The sunlight from the windows washed over her […]