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    Nutrition: there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. My doctor once described me as ‘well-nourished.’ That was a nice euphemism for ‘overweight.’ Better than ‘obese,’ I suppose, but only barely.

    Have I had too much nutrition? Seemingly.

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    Let’s get underway! This will be a fun trip to an unknown desination. What’s that you say? You don’t like surprises? Oh, too bad, did I tell you, the contract says you can’t back out.

    Better read the fine print next time, hmm?

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    A nice espresso drink is a pleasure while writing. Generally hot, but sometimes iced, the caffeine is often welcome, but even a caffeine free drink is nice. Stimulation of any sort, the association of pleasure with writing — a great combination.

  • The ambassador knew he was just a political hack, but that didn’t stop him. He was going to use his position to full advantage. He was owed as much. Hadn’t he been a fund-raiser, money-launderer, fix-it man? He had it coming. Anything he could get, he’d take.

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    It feels like I’ve lost my sanity. Or was it already too late for that? Perhaps I’ve been like this my entire life. That’s completely possible, and I think some others believe it to be so. Who is to say if they are right? Can I make that determination myself, in a fair and unbiased manner?

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    She worshipped him, and that was her big mistake. No one was that good, no one that deserving of her love and trust in such an unconditional manner.

    And then, one day, he proved it. Proved her wrong. Betrayed her.

    She thought she might never recover, but she was wrong again.

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    They were all standing on the sidelines, waving their flags at the men and women who were debarking from the military aircraft.

    It had been a long and difficult time, but they were finally home,
    perhaps to stay, perhaps just for a while; but there would be happiness
    at last.

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    Even as an adult, it’s fun to act juvenile once in a while. Perhaps not so very mature, but still fun.

    When we’re older, we’d like to be younger. When we’re young, we want to be older — just not too old, you know, like over 25.

    Why can’t we be content with who we are?

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    Swept away by the tides. It seems that’s how life has been. As I get older, the days pass. Swept under the bridge. Swept away.

    Eventually there will be a final clean sweep.

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    Skaters, meaning skate boarders, are right up there with pickup truck drivers in their attitudes. As in, mostly arrogant you know whats. Not all of them, of course, but more of them than you woudl think.

    The worst are the ones that bring their skateboards on the bus. They are usually losers.

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    A pawn is a chess piece but the word has come to have a much larger meaning. If you’re a pawn, you’re being used by someone. It’s a common problem. We’ve all been pawns at time. We may be pawns in some very large game all of the time. Who knows? And what, if anything, can be done about it?

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    Silence. I wish there was more of it here. Noisy so-called “music” in
    this coffee shop disturbs the — silence. A lack of silence. Can’t
    concentrate without noise of my own. Hardly silence, is it? Either
    way. Mental activity plus noise equals a constant.

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    Time to regroup. The first draft of this novel leaves … well, something to be desired.

    The plot has more holes than the roof in an old building.

    The characters make cardboard look 3-dimensional.

  • The sound of the word implies something … not very good. I used to associate it with weakness. Then I became a diabetic myself.

    Perhaps weakness is right. Lack of willpower to control my weight,
    control my food intake, get proper exercise.

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    Turn the tables. Turn things around. Make something good out of something bad. It’s a great idea when you can make it work.

    And you almost always can make it work. You need to be creative, perseverant, sometimes just plain obstinate. But it can be done much more often than you think.

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    Fiery hot sauce. The fiery food festival in Albuquerque. These are pleasant memories of New Mexico. I certainly miss the fiery chile. Hard to get inthe middle of the Pacific Ocean, although there are compensations, like … fiery volcanoes!

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    I am entitled. That’s what I’ve been taught all along, and I’m supposed to believe it. Then I will vote for the Democrats because they promise to preserve all my entitlements.

    Who needs work, anyhow? It’s just a waste of time when you’re entitled,
    like me, because I vote the right way on election day.

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    I would venture to say that I shall venture to write about a new venture of mine: ad-venture. Is this about selling ads, or going on adventures? I’m not so sure because I’m not feeling terribly creative at the moment, having been doing editing most of the day!

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    They huddled together, obviously planning something. That was not a good sign. Usually, they came up with something destructive, although in the end, it was more destructive to themselves than to anyone else.

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    The bellboy snatched at our bags, greedily, without even the pretense of manners or the slightest bit of deference. For him it was all about getting a tip, and getting a tip was all about survival.

    It wasn’t pleasant, but I couldn’t blame him. Life was tough in this
    country, and almost impossible if you were poor— and almost everyone was.