• I heard the ninja like footsteps that probably my mind made up or was a reality to be afraid for. I wonder which was scarier?

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    If I could fly,
    I wouldn’t care about money;
    If I could dance,
    I wouldn’t feel so alone;
    If I could write,
    as those poets do….
    I wouldn’t be so depressed.

  • We are all celebrity in someone’s perspective; my favorite celebrity is Billie Joe Armstrong. He can convey his opinions with the help of music, his statement are generally rebellious in nature.

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    When we do things over & over again it’s mechanism. Life is sometimes a mechanic one too eat, work & sleep. One must challenge the mechanics of the society, to rebel is the right of any human…

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    Destiny has unique way of playing tricks of it’s own, some are chosen one and other make their fate count through hard work. But it’s the utmost right of every soul whether chosen or not, to give a shot for the things they love..