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    I’m trapped inside of this cave called my home.
    It’s not fair, I know, yet it’s very safe.
    I wish that I could leave it, but I just can’t.
    I’m stuck here, forced to do everything that she-devil tells me.
    How do I escape from this cave?
    It’s impossible.

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    I couldn’t see anything except for the blinding whiteness all around me. “Where am I?!” I screamed. Being here was a nightmare. There was nothing here. I was going mad from the nothingness. From the blandness. The whiteness. The loneliness. It felt like I was here forever, even though I just got here. I walked around, I think. I couldn’t tell.…[Read more]

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    She looked down at her compass. The arrow slowly moved from south to north. Then, all at once, it spun wildly around in circles, stopping nowhere. She closed the pocket-like compass and looked around at her surroundings. ‘Guess I’ll have to get out of this rain forest without it,’ she thought bitterly to herself as she blindly picked a direction…[Read more]

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    He MUST find. If he didn’t find her…well the queen would have his head. “Lady Katherine!” He called out into the unknown wilderness set out before him. He knew she went this way, she always ran this way to sulk. But she was never this deep in the spooky forest. He must find her, or else.

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    Her and her twin sister have been constantly confused. For over their fourteen years of life, they’ve always been mistaken for one-another. It can’t be helped, though. They love each other more than the world. They mean everything to each other. So what better way to express their love for each other than being each other?