• chii commented on the post, apprehend 5 years, 8 months ago

    We talk. We talk for hours, from the last light of dusk to the latest hours of the night. We talk over cigarettes, we talk swimming in drinks, we talk – growing more and more rambunctious, more infectious, more absurd in our ways. And we hope, hope that if we become wild enough, vicious enough, fool enough, that we might just apprehend a small…[Read more]

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    It’s a hard thing to get out of your mind when you watch other people go about their lives. They revel in their dreams, they talk about their goals, they tell you all about their lives and everything they hold inside. There’s so much to them, they have so much left to do, they seem so real.

    But I never saw it that way. I never had that inside…[Read more]

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    A lemon slice with your water. It’s always that way when you go to, say, a diner. You sit on those torn cushions, at those greasy tables, and you get your glass of water with a lemon slice. Maybe it’s gross, you cringe when you see it dipping in your glass, but you accept it for what it is.

    When you look out at your world, it’s not so…[Read more]

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    Rain crackles against the roof, bursts of thunder beat oppressively against the walls, rattling windows in their frames. Through flashes of lightning, I see him standing solitary and unbowed, anger and desperation coalescing into the audacity to object. Harshed by the strain of a thousand fearful whispers, his voice thunders defiance while I can…[Read more]

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    I’m dreaming of brighter days, of clear skies and burning nights, of streetlights and wistfulness. I’m longing for skyfuls of stars, and long, cool, dew-touched mornings. I’m hungering for change with an appetite indescribable. For now, I’ll turn my collar against the cold, but it’s always darkest just before the dawn.

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    From the first time I laid eyes on it, and every time since, Fox Theatre was positively stunning – a radiant array of lights bleeding out into the darkness, an art deco beacon amongst the renovation and ruin. It was salient then, and even now it stands, at least in my memory, a glorious bastion […]

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    The clock quietly turned over to midnight, and I lit my first to the gentle patter of the rain which fell about my perch. I watched the smoke drift lazily into the summer air, still oppressive and hot from the day, trying my damnedest to find something profound to think. Clouds loomed overhead, and the […]

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    Like an endless eight turned end on end – the same words, hopes, choices and silly mistakes. Year upon year of nights fading into bleary days, summers into winter only to repeat themselves again. And yet, like all things, this too passes leaving distant memories behind.

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    Running away from home, as any youthful adventurer knew, was a task which required only the most ample set of provisions. As such, he filled his backpack with forethought and planning. Peanut butter sandwiches, of course, and rope in case of emergencies. Some handfuls of loose change, a flashlight, and a package of bandaids just […]

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    The moon beginning to dip towards the horizon, the stars stare down on the dew-touched grass as the humid night drags on towards morning. Fuzzy and indistinct, something tugs at the back of my mind, a concept rarely remembered, but I feel as if I could never imagine my life without it.

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    A cold realization washed over him as he realized his mistake; he tried not to show it on his face. He was already committed to the point, he couldn’t waver now — it’s a matter of pride, after all.

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    The air was heavy, hanging swelteringly around me. Rain was coming down in sheets, and I half expected it to sizzle and pop as it hit the pavement. Dotting the sidewalk, fluorescent lights were all I could see through the fog and darkness, salient landmarks in the empty streets.

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    “The deadbolt,” I explained, “symbolizes trust — the trust that is implicit between us. If you break the lock and look inside that shed, we won’t have that trust!” Placing myself between her and the door, I gently slid the sheet metal back to rest at the edge of the frame. “What do you expect […]

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    It wasn’t anything luxurious, the older car that it was. The seats, vinyl, were cracked, scraped, and torn, bits of bright yellow foam peeking out from within. The steering wheel had been brushed clean of its texture, and the shifter worn, but it was more than it seemed — that old Ford represented something much […]

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    I never gave much thought back then to what was old and dusty or what new hit was riding the latest trends. Nothing seemed obsolete, every bulky monitor, flimsy diskette, and whirring drive stood a marvel to behold.

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    A man can go for days without sleep, but what really wears on you is the thirst. A thirst for knowledge, a thirst for freedom, a thirst for an unknowable other always fleeting just beyond your reach. That’s the weight you really struggle under.

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    The woven metal upon which I’m perched digs into my skin, far below the streets are bustling and brimful with life. Neon signs shine down upon the sidewalks and street fronts, burning like stars come to earth. Life continues below me, raging and beautiful, far from the whirring of ventilation and the buzzing of lights.

  • chii commented on the post, approach 8 years, 6 months ago

    Huddled against a wall, sweat dripping down my face and stinging at my eyes. Across the aperture, another is making a series of fervent motions, finally coalesing into a countdown. Five, four, three, two — we burst around the corner, making our approach into hostile territory

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    Hands working like lightning to form pieces to a whole, adjustments on knobs and switches, gentle alterations to the hypnotic disc to change the sound. Amongst the drums and claps, bass and taps, horns and hums a scene plays out with the quiet intensity of a humid, rainy night.

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    An odd squeak and a scratch, a distortion of tone as the needle dropped. Dulcet tones bursting forth from the inky wheel, its shape seemingly shifting and wobbling as it spun.