• Kaitlin Hodgepodge commented on the post, history 8 years ago

    Our history is written in stone, but by those who won the wars, not those who watched objectively. Our individuals are intertwined over centuries and thousands of people. We all connect through our actions and words. Regardless of our personal past, we will be able to find one singular thing that connects us with someone […]

  • Kaitlin Hodgepodge commented on the post, predict 8 years ago

    I predict a future where the world will be accepting of the things we regard as wrong and unacceptable today. There will be new prejudices and new hate crimes, but we will learn to respect those we disregard today. There will be a different reason to hate, but the reasons today will be gone.

  • Kaitlin Hodgepodge commented on the post, belief 8 years ago

    I have belief in the inevitable. Inevitably you will find someone or something that will give your life purpose and meaning if only you have the strength to hold on long enough to discover who or what that may be. There is always something waiting, inevitably.

  • Kaitlin Hodgepodge commented on the post, wonder 8 years ago

    I wonder about everything. Truth, lies, good, bad, and every other element this world has to offer. Its all meaningless, but so significant. I don’t know what I would do with the answers, but I feel it’s important to have them.

  • Kaitlin Hodgepodge commented on the post, train 8 years ago

    The train of life makes few stops, lets few on, but lets many off. Long for some, short for others, but fast for all. It speeds by, a blur letting passengers continue to live without much thought or further action until their stop arrives.

  • Kaitlin Hodgepodge commented on the post, station 8 years ago

    My station in life is that of an inbetweener. I’ve just finished high school and I’m entering college with no direction or purpose in life. I am in the station of the unknown; the disconnected are my brethren. I have no idea how to determine my meaning or ideas, but I’m content to sit back […]

  • Kaitlin Hodgepodge commented on the post, embraced 8 years ago

    I’ve been embraced by love, understanding, and acceptance after my 18 years of life. I have learned to love, to understand, and accept others for what they do and how they do it. I have embraced expression and learning as a way of life. I have embraced in passion and love.

  • Kaitlin Hodgepodge commented on the post, beloved 8 years ago

    Beloved is how we consider our closest friends, our favorite relative, or the teacher who changed our lives. A pet, a toy, a childhood memory, they can all be beloved so long as they have influenced our lives or remain prominent in our thoughts and actions.

  • Kaitlin Hodgepodge commented on the post, funeral 8 years ago

    I’ve never actually been to a funeral because of my lack of experience with death. We had a memorial for my grandfather and sent a balloon in the shape of a motorcycle up into the air because he wanted one so badly. I don’t remember much about it except that my family friend was on […]

  • Kaitlin Hodgepodge commented on the post, corner 8 years ago

    I feel like I’m stuck in a corner some days. Everything is pushing me in a different direction and it’s not possible to escape. Triangles have 3 corners and sometimes I feel like I’m trapped in a triangle because I have nowhere to turn as I am stuck and have no options.

  • Kaitlin Hodgepodge commented on the post, forgetting 8 years ago

    Forgetting is the act of unconsciously disregarding something that may or may not be important. It could be a moment that shaped our lives or simply made us choose one cereal brand over another. It could be moving on or letting go or simply neglecting to care anymore about our old crush’s favorite shoes.

  • Kaitlin Hodgepodge commented on the post, painted 8 years ago

    I’ve always wished I could paint. anything, anywhere, at any time. i want it to look like a painting, but i want it to look real. i want people to look at it and feel a variety of different emotions because it means something different to every person. i want it to mean something to […]