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    Dizzy with excitement, she leapt across the street, darting through traffic. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, cars honking, hair flowing. She could hardly see straight. This was going to be her day.

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    She felt like she was starving for human contact, although she was constantly surrounded by people. She needed something physical to remind her that she still existed. She needed human touch to prove that she was still there. Otherwise, how could she say she was real?

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    She sat quietly and amused herself while the time slowly ticked by. Then, at just the right moment, she opened the door just as he opened his. He smiled “It’s so funny how we manage to do that at the same time every day.” She nodded in mock agreement “I know! We might as well walk together, then.”

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    It was amusing how little he actually cared for her. Despite what she thought or how she imagined it might be, he knew that he was using her and he did not care at all. And the best part was that she would never know.

  • The wilderness had never interested him until he met Chris. Then-more from necessity and a desperate attempt to cling to him more than any other reason- the wilderness became VERY interesting to him.

  • He looked at her, laughing and spanning in her bare feet. It reminded him of back before everything got complicated. Back when everything was fine and he loved her more than anything, Back when nothing could hurt them. But things had changed. And that, he reasoned, was the great tragedy of life.

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    His values consisted of one definition: pride. He based everything off of it. Nothing was done unless it was an affirmation of his accomplishments. After all, the only thing he had was himself.

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    Try selling me to the highest bidder. Sell me for the best price. Sell me and send me off and never look back and, If you can do that, ask yourself if I was ever yours to sell to begin with.

  • If I had known about her beforehand, I would never have gone to that damned party. Then we never would have met and I wouldn’t feel like shit and I wouldn’t be going to a funeral on the first day of summer break. But then I also would never have known. I’d still be boring me. Nothing special. At any rate, James says its better to know. To have…[Read more]

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    The hill leveled out into a wide expanse of land. For miles ahead, prairie reached out to the horizon where the sun was just setting. Rays of blood orange and violet spilled out before us, lighting the world on fire. We were almost home.

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    He was the chosen one. He didn’t want to be, but it wasn’t as if he had a choice. He weighed the options in his head. There really weren’t any. He sighed, picking up the knife from the wooden tabletop. Its sharp edge glittered underneath the low light and he shuddered at the thought of having to press it against anyone’s neck.

  • Her thoughts swirled relentlessly like the wind, following no particular shape or rhythm. That was the difference between the two of us. Mine were simple, easy to follow geometric patterns. There I’d be, following my daily routine when she’d show up, grab my hand, and whisper “let’s do something” in my ear before sweeping me up like a hellish…[Read more]

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    The ferry arrived at exactly 7am in the morning, just like it did every day. But I remember something different about that particular sunrise. The salty sea wind was mingled with the scent of her perfume and the sun rays tasted like golden granules of sugar on my tongue. Yes, that morning was different than rest. That was the morning I met her.

  • She tried to think about what her mother would say in the same situation “be sensible” she’d always said. Then again, her mother had perished a horrible death in the pits of hell so perhaps she wasn’t the best person to go to for advice.

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    She turned on her heel to flee from him, crashing through the underbrush and tripping over roots that blocked her way. She heard no signs of pursuit, so it was quite a surprise to her when she came crashing through a clearing and found him standing at the center, waiting for her. She kept forgetting that things were different here.

  • He stamped the young boys passport reluctantly. Sure, all of the paperwork was in order and, true, there was nothing he could do to stop it but Landson had still hoped that he would be able to save this one from going to the place where so few return. That-just this once-he could prevent the loss of an innocent life.

  • Her skirt billowed out below her like a parachute as she fell, though it did noting to slow her descent down the rabbit hole. When she did hit ground, she hit it hard and mercilessly. Though unbroken, it was a time before she was able to catch her breath and right herself.

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    How funny, she thought, that she could be so easygoing when it came to writing. Write, whatever. Words, whatever. They were her home and they couldn’t hurt her. But out there, where the words were no longer her own and she had no control over how they were used, she remained in constant anxiety and fear.

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    Stop being so timid, people told her. You’re too shy. Embarrassing. Weak. Afraid. And all of that was true, she thought. She was all of those things, but she was also strong, courageous, daring, and beautiful. I mean, aren’t we all?

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    The world is much simpler than you think. The complexity of human beings is really something we make up in our own minds as we try to make sense of life. But then again, aren’t we all just bundles of contradictions?