• Stolen, taken. Derailed from its original purpose. Manipulation. Selfish transformation for personal gain. The exclusion of others. Abrupt, rough, quick and sudden. Jack. Jacket. Rude. Detrimental. Damaging.

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    Pain. Hurt. Fixable. (potentially) Chistled away. Weakened. Fear. Anxiety. Bandaids. Risk. Impossible to avoid.

  • Going up (or down.) You can only do those two actions, over and over. Left and right aren’t options. Trapped in a loop. Rinse and repeat. You are control of your own destiny, to a point. You press the buttons and decide where to go, but with limited options. You have to wait for people to get off, and stop at their floors. Consideration.

  • preemptive. Forethought, hindsight. The feeling of regret. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Steps to a destination. One, two, three. Building on previous experiences. The path or journey towards a goal. The first step to something better.

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    Calm, relaxed. The road is easy from here. A straight path, not much thought required. But when things go too easy, too straight, it is easy for “leveled” to transform into “dull”. Even when the road is straight, your mind is veering.

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    Mission impossible. The holy grail. It’s what you base your life on, where you’re going, what your ultimate goal is. It can change, it is not deadset. Usually with companions. best. test. A testament to your strength.

  • Someone who you looked up to. Caleb Rity. Idolization. Unrealistic expectations of perfection and role model behaviour. Mistaken attribution. False idol. Disappointment. A denial of their humanity. Just a person with a guise.

  • He was standing. Straight, upright. Unwavering. A sky scraper. A mountain. A flower. Not leaning. Growing, going upwards. Strength, dignity. Having boundaries, self confidence. The ability to resist temptation, to believe in oneself. Monumental.