• She played. For hours she played. Sitting on the street corner. “What has my life become?” She thought as another person dropped a dollar into the open guitar case. She wanted to become something more. Prove them wrong…all of them

  • She wrote, erased, re-wrote, and practiced for weeks. Everything was going to go perfectly. She got one shot to impress everyone and deliver the graduation speech. She would be remembered if it was the last thing she did her Senior year.

  • They snuck through town as quiet as possible. “I don’t see anything” Nikki said in a hushed voice. “They aren’t that loud, Nikk. Stay alert and stay quiet.” Darin warned. He was the elected leader. Since the invasion the small, mismatched, group had formed a sort of army against the invaders. Nikki wasn’t the best at combat, but they vowed to stay…[Read more]

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    She couldn’t believe it! They gave her a five? A FIVE? Out of 10? She’d been working towards this her whole life. She couldn’t believe she wasn’t getting in. The one thing that made her feel like she belonged and she got a five?

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    He did more than was due. He never asked questions. He always gave 100% of himself. Now he had nothing to show for it. The storm had taken everything. Everything but his life. And that seemed so small compared to everything, and everyone, lost.

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    She couldn’t take it anymore. She lay there numb. Denying everything that had happened. She lay in the dark. Due to the blackness of the room she felt as if she too had died. Maybe a part of her had. She couldn’t stand the thought of him laying there…dead. It scared her more than anything