• AUTUMN IS MY BEDTFRAAAAND. Yeah i guess i got lucky this week cuz thats really easy to write about. Autumn has brown hair and brown eyes. she has two brotehrs and a sister. she is really nice&crazy&hyper. lol shes pretty cool. Autumns is also a season. my favorite season actually. its really retty and the […]

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    We were on the playground at the elementary school where we had met seven years ago, where he first kissed me when we were ten. It was just the two of us. We layed on the slide together and looked at the stars.He turned to me and said, “I love you. I know I we […]

  • This was different than my old school in many ways. For one, the classes were harder and no fun at all. For another I have no friends here. I don’t know what I did to have been shipped off to prep school. But, that was a lie. I know exactly what i did. hell, people […]

  • IVe reached my boiling point. Too much drama. Too much hate. Too many mean girls. I can’t deal with it. As I said ive reached my boiling point. And if the heat isn’t turned down, I’m not sure i can contain myself

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    Sick. Dying. The one you love sitting there suffering. The doctor said he was ill. I said no sh^t. The one I love is dying and all I can do is sit here and watch.

  • One time I went to the movies with my best friend&my crush. My best friend liked the guy too so she sat by him so I wouldn’t. I love this girl but she can annoy the crap out of me. Anywho… He asked her out. The were all touchy feely and it was horrible! Oh […]

  • CHRISTOFER DREW IS TRYIN TO QUIT SMOKING<3 words that come to my mind are dirty, disgusting, killing, and toxic.it's a filthy habit. It does so much damage to ur mouth, teeth, and lungs. Eww

  • plague is some scary stuff

  • I grabbed my straw and pulled it into my mouth. I isn’t know what to say. He’s so cute what if I say the wrong thing? But I look stupid just siting here with my straw in my mouth. Ugh. First dates are always so awkward

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    I love you is a phrase that you don’t just say. You have to MEAN it. The person you say it to must MEAN something to you. And you have to say it MEANingfully.

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    Plain and simple. He’s mean. Inow know he doesn’t deserve me. He lied. He cheated. He made me want to be dead. He made me beleieve I was special, and in the end, told me I meant nothing. He doesn’t care. Plain and simple. He’s mean.

  • He sat in his vinyl chair. He didn’t breathe. He was expecting her to arrive any minute. He had been waiting for what seemed like forever Just then she walked through the door. She was strikingly beautiful. His mind raced. She drove him mad. Everything around her blurred until it was just the two of […]

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    I love the word cast because it relates to the best thing ever which is acting. I lobe the cast of that 70s show. Tofer grace is awesome. A cast also refers to the thing doctors put on an arm when it’s broken and I really like the letter “c” which is in cast