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    when she was little, she dreamed of growing up and marrying and getting one of those american houses with those white picket fences out front. she kept this dream to herself through her grade school years, and even as her friends got more exotic, even as her ambitions and her skills grew in capacity, she […]

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    there was no other word for it other than a “strut,” she thought with her face cradled in her hands and cheeks aflame. her best friend, her best man–he was STRUTTING down the runway in obscene designer pants and a ridiculous shirt with damn legitimate cleavage that did nothing to hide his toned body. “why,” […]

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    “give me liberty or give me death!” he cried indignantly at the top of his lungs, the class bursting into a chorus of laughter when the teacher raised on wry eyebrow at the troublemaking student. “liberty for the rest of us is you in jail,” she responded dryly, and the student fell back into his […]

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    battle scars littered the expanse of her arm, some from the violent demons within and some from external forces of self-hatred and loathing. she’d tried covering them up, at one point, with long sleeves and broken gloves and an assortment of bulky jewelry, but she’d given up with time. her battles were something to be […]

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    he shook the slip of paper, muttering about fancyass digital cameras and their fancyass features and their fancyass automatic panorama as he glared at the photos splayed across the walls, sweeping landscapes of exotic lands and photosets of nature on its closest level. he squinted and held the photo up to the light, trying to […]

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    blemishes were scattered across her back, coloring her pale skin a dark purplish bruise. she hid her beautiful, scarred face in the crook of her elbow, sepia-tone hair falling in a sleek curtain hiding her from the world. “i’m ugly,” she whispered quietly into the emptiness of the cold and unfeeling bathroom floor, sinking down […]

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    he caught her sleeve, head bowed low and lips raw from hours of fierce biting. “…don’t go,” he whispered softly, so quiet and so inside that the wind almost carried his voice away like so many dandelions before him. she stopped, hair streaming out behind her and tears streaming down her face and she, in […]

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    despite her complete lack of religious beliefs, she had always found temples to be rather ethereal places. sunlight stunningly filtered through pearly windows of sound echoed throughout the room, filling up the dark spaces with beams of light and–terrible as it may sound–life. on sunny summer afternoons, she would visit the old tree in the […]

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    there was a palette of emotions to choose from, she thought as she mused over her latest creation. he could be funny, but that would mean eliminating the already established cockiness because arrogance always decreased the value of hilarity. she would make him be one of those obnoxious child prodigies who were too smart and […]

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    sometimes she imagined herself to be the kind of girl that would imagine being the fairy princess locked up and away in a tower among the clouds, pining and sighing away for her dashing young hero to overcome the dragon and brave the thorns to save her beautiful soul. she, however, much preferred imagining herself […]

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    the ballroom gown swept onto the floor and swept her off her feet; they smiled at each other in their own little world, oblivious of the whispers and the commentary and the biting insults and the shouts of the ignorant. the shimmering soft midnight blue fabric pooled onto the floor of her arms and the […]

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    with a sultry smirk and a wink too sexy to be legal, she beckoned to him with a grab of his tie through the prison bars and yanked his face next to hers. stumbling and losing his balance, his hands flew up to clutch at the bars, eyes shooting daggers as her real ones stood […]

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    the view from her saturday evening window was, in a word, fabulous. sparkling lights shone their way through the clear night sky, piercing the reflection of mossy eyes with uncanny clarity; the busy sidewalks were lit up with shoppers and workers, ringing laughter reaching her ears even through panes of glass and miles of layers […]

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    photographic prints lined her walls, coloring her room black and white and red and love. she took them all herself, some from exotic trips to the neverlands and some from crisp autumn bike trips around her own neighborhood; they ranged from scenic lined with green foliage and strangely dreamy forests to the lights of life […]

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    “the batglare is patented,” robin explained carefully to his obviously inferior friend. wally scowled. “dude, it’s just a LOOK, right? i mean, it’s not an invention or a superpower or anything like that. he can’t just patent what he wants, right? like, he’s not a god and he’s not a–he’s standing right behind me isn’t […]

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    she loves autumn. she loves the way the leaves fall like parachuters to the dusky concrete, the way the wind whips through her hair on the whistles of the wayside, the crisp air she inhales love and exhales hate, the feeling of cold water sluicing through her eyelashes as she peers through the rain; she […]

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    “what the hell, man?” he hissed at his friend, gripping the collar of his shirt. “what are you, an–an alarmist or something? why would you do that, you almost got us caught!” the younger boy crossed his arms and, despite being elevated almost a foot off the ground, still managed to look haughty. “it was […]

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    that thing easily tires, the robot observed, tilting its head and watching the creature struggle to get off the ground. all it had done was break a few bits of its infrastructure–not even its targeted weak spots–and it was already struggling to keep its respiratory system circulating. it was so fragile, and so soft. it […]

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    it was raining outside. “of course it is,” she told herself snappishly, “it’s seattle.” there was a downpour of a different sort, too, one of–lame as it was–feelings, and emotions, and fuckwhyamidoingthisican’tstanditanymore, and drenched in the downpour, she wondered why she bothered at all. her clothes clung to her skin, she was cold and wet […]

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    her life was a combination of insanity, laziness, and sheer genius. college students shouldn’t have that much fun, her older brother (perhaps not by birth, but by nature) always grumbled at her. she’d always just grinned back, twirling a dagger around on her finger or smacking away at a gob of gum. she was so […]