• BRRC commented on the post, lock 7 years, 8 months ago

    My heart is locked up. .I am shutting out the world. I used to trust everyone, wanted to please everyone, wanted to give every single bit of myself to every other being other than myself. Not anymore. I am living for me. I have to pull myself out of this hole and the only way […]

  • BRRC commented on the post, robot 8 years ago

    every move is calculated, yet entirely predictable. you called yourself “emotionally dead”, and your outer layer is cold as metal in an icebox, freezing my fingertips.

  • BRRC commented on the post, hysterical 8 years ago

    i can’t stop laughing. i can’t be around you without getting in hysterics, laughing so hard that i cry, laughing so hard that i stop breathing, my stomach collapses and my insides feel like they have turned inside out.

  • BRRC commented on the post, severe 8 years ago

    the wound in my back from where your knife had stabbed me was severe. i couldn’t manage to make it heal. i tried avoiding you, i tried loving you, i tried not looking you in the eye. but every morning, i would wake up and that wound was still red, swollen, and ugly. it was […]

  • BRRC commented on the post, alumni 8 years ago

    i received something in the mail today from my high school, inviting me to the retirement picnic of one of the oldest teachers. it’s strange, i am almost two years out of there, and i still don’t see myself as an alum. i don’t necessarily see myself as a student still, but certainly not an […]

  • BRRC commented on the post, determined 8 years ago

    i was going to push through this. she had told me, “if you feel something, run as far as you can in the opposite direction.” i felt something, something strong, something that was following me around like some kind of lost hound. i wasn’t going to be the same girl i’d been these past almost-20 […]

  • BRRC commented on the post, digital 8 years ago

    the digital age is pulling us further and further from each other. people don’t author hand-written notes anymore, we don’t speak face-to-face, we fear the intimacy and let the mask of the internet consume all those fears and save us from our own insecurities.

  • BRRC commented on the post, policy 8 years, 1 month ago

    i never was good at dealing with policy. i’m really not that great at dealing with rules, although i do believe in order and justice- i trust my instinct and my conscience, and quite frankly, feel offended when somebody feels the need to tell me to do the right thing, instead of just allowing me […]

  • BRRC commented on the post, heels 8 years, 1 month ago

    i’ve been going without shoes lately, so by the end of the day, when i get into the shower, the water runs brown for the first few minutes because i’ve been running around in the dirt all day. the dirt never really leaves the crevices in my heels, however, and they always remain a little […]

  • BRRC commented on the post, wand 8 years, 1 month ago

    i wish i could do magic. if i could, i would disappear for as long as it takes me to find myself again. today, i realized that i have strayed, once again, from who i really am. i feel very, very lost. all i keep thinking is how much i want to know what is […]

  • BRRC commented on the post, obsessed 8 years, 1 month ago

    i can see people looking at me from behind curious eyes, wondering just what would push me to the point where i would do what i did. i don’t really know, maybe i’m a little obsessed. you reached down in the depths of my body to the places that i don’t show anyone, like the […]

  • BRRC commented on the post, bee 8 years, 1 month ago

    i was stung by a bee when i was five years old. it was at my elementary school, on the right side of the playground, where the swings and animals out of the ground were. it stung me, and it hurt, but i don’t remember it being the most important or influential part of my […]

  • BRRC commented on the post, almost 8 years, 1 month ago

    i almost had you. i was so close. this is, and always has been a game to us. and i almost won. you tried to convince me that it was your success, that you had conquered me. but i see that i am the only one that came out of this battle unscathed. you are […]

  • BRRC commented on the post, swept 8 years, 1 month ago

    the air was always at a consistent breezy state. it wasn’t even necessary to bring out the blowdry, untangle its many coils and stand in the fuming heat only to still have the wind sweep my hair around in it’s own aura of autumn leaves. no, i could step out of the shower, sit outside, […]

  • BRRC commented on the post, example 8 years, 1 month ago

    i was always setting an example. keep your hair clean, your face clear, your actions innocent. i had to set an example. i was the face of the program. how many times did i hear those words? “face of the program”. i want to break away. i don’t want to belong to anybody. i want […]

  • BRRC commented on the post, microphone 8 years, 2 months ago

    he was always singing into the piece of metal like he was making love to it, like it was the most beautiful girl in the world. he caressed it with his lips. those lips. those deceptive lips. how many lips did he touch with his? too many. at the end of the day, the microphone […]