• Clint Barton commented on the post, shown 6 years, 12 months ago

    I know I’ve been shown how to get better so many times before. I know there’s been demonstration after demonstration of people telling me to be stronger, just eat more, just work out more, just stop doing that to […]

  • Clint Barton commented on the post, entrance 7 years ago

    The way in. The entrance… You sometimes don’t really know what you’re walking into either, do you? You don’t know what might be behind that door. You can never pretend to be fully prepared because really, are we […]

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    There’s only so much a person can take before they fall apart, I think. Only so much cruelty, only so much hurt. But isn’t that what should make us a civilised society and not just an angry, unlawful riot of a […]

  • Clint is no stranger to medical procedure. he finds himself often in the medbay hooked up to top dosage painkillers that could probably knock out a horse. Sometimes he wonders how he got into this position – what […]

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    There’s a lot of technology at SHIELD – some of which Clint understands, some he doesn’t’ He doesn’t even pretend to know what he’s doing half the time – he just makes do. The new sonar kit though, has him […]

  • Clint has never been one for decorations – his bedroom is basic. Simple. He doesn’t like much extravagance. He does have a number of interesting objects in his room though – little things he’s picked up on […]

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    It’s strange – being part of a team. It’s not bad, just new. Clint’s not sure how he feels about that – he’s not used to taking orders or just being a crew member. He’s always been more than that. He’s always been […]