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    You know what I hate? More than anything? People without goals. Without hopes, without dreams. People who expect to get absolutely no where in life. People who think that after they graduate high school, their lives are over. People who don’t try because they don’t think that it’ll get them anywhere.
    If you’re one of those people, I’ve got something to ask you.
    WHY?!?! You’re young, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you, you’re only a teenager, and you’re gonna give up?
    I’ve got dreams bigger than the world. I want to be someone, and I refuse to be forgotten. I’m gonna go out into the world and make something out of myself. I’m gonna change someone’s life. I’m gonna build a fucking park, I don’t know, but I’m sure as hell not gonna sit on my ass for the rest of my life.
    Today one of my old good friends told me that after high school, she’s going to take a gap year to live in Israel. Then she’s going to go to college in Australia. I don’t have anything against Australia. I have a couple friends from Australia, I love their accents, and I hear the country’s beautiful.
    But that’s not why she wanted to go.
    She wanted to go to college in Australia because it’s cheaper.
    Keep in mind that up until now, she’s had her heart set on NYU.
    So I asked her, why not just try really hard in school and see if you can get a scholarship to somewhere?
    “Because I’m not a good student, and even if I try it’s not gonna happen so why even right?”
    Fuck no!
    This girl’s 14.
    She’s in 9th grade.
    And she’s already given up.
    I don’t understand that.
    Maybe it makes sense to her. Maybe she thinks that she can not do anything, and get places. I don’t know where she got that idea, but where ever it was, please tell me so I can stay far, far away.
    My mom is 43 years old. She’s worked for a total of 1 year in her life. She lives off of the money my dad pays her every month. Three grand, for sitting on her ass all day. Call me crazy, but that’s exactly what I would hate to be.
    I want to be an actress. I want to be on Broadway. That’s my dream. But if that doesn’t happen, I want to at least say I tried my hardest. And I want to be able to mean it. I want to say that I fought my hardest, and I never gave up. I want to die a legacy. Maybe not an acting legacy.
    Maybe I’ll stay in show business, and be a screen writer. Or a director. Or a choreographer. Or a costume designer.
    Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll become a regular writer. Maybe I’ll become a photographer. Or a psychologist. Maybe I’ll become a business woman, and start a charity that helps create jobs for America. Maybe I’ll be a history professor, or an editor of The New York Times.
    But one thing I know I won’t be, is mediocre.
    So to all you people giving up, why?
    Why are you giving up?
    Because you made a mistake yesterday?
    Because someone pushed you down?
    Because someone told you that you couldn’t, so you didn’t?
    Because you’re afraid?
    I think that’s it.
    I think you’re afraid.
    But why?
    Yesterday’s gone, no need to keep reliving it, or you’ll get stuck in the past.
    Tomorrow’s not here yet, so don’t be afraid of it, prepare yourself for it.
    You’ve got today. Right now. So try your best today, so you can go somewhere tomorrow, instead of being stuck in yesterday.
    And I know this isn’t going to change your mind. Some people just don’t change their minds.
    But if you care at all, and I’m sure you don’t, I think you’re making the biggest mistake of your life.

    • Bravo! I really hate those kind of people too – or should I say, that sentiment. I don’t get it either. And it really gets me down sometimes when you’re surrounded by this and it seems like you’re the only one with a pulse, the only one who won’t give up, the only one passionate enough to go for what you really want. It’s spirit-sapping at times, it is. I’m surounded by people who ‘settle’, settle for a quiet life, security and giving up on their dreams. But I count myself lucky every day that I’m not willing to give in so easily! But here’s the thing, I haven’t given up totally on those people, because viewpoints, they can change. All it might take is for them to realise the enormity of life, a moment of hope, or coming into contact with other people who are fighters, dreamers, believers. Somehow I think our spark can rub off onto others who’ve dulled themselves into submission. And who knows, it might just catch fire. I really admire your thinking! Fair play to you for venting! The world needs people who are alive!

    • You’re lucky to have the resources, motivation, self-esteem and confidence to go for what you want because a lot of people don’t have those. People just have different personalities, some aren’t as ambitious as others or are genuinely happy to pursue happiness internally rather than looking for it outside themselves.