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    So this really bothers me. For some reason, girls have this illusion that “everyone’s beautiful”. I don’t agree with that at all. There are plenty of people that aren’t beautiful. But just because they’re not, it doesn’t mean that they’re any worse, or better, of people. Plenty of ugly people are super nice and sweet and amazing, and plenty of gorgeous people are horrible bitches. So…why?

    • Might the “everyone’s beautiful” not be referring to outward beauty, but inward? Every human being on this planet is loved by at least one other person, after all – maybe that’s the beauty that we’re all looking to see.

      Just an idea.

      • oh whoops. left that part out of my rant. That’s what I meant; it bothers me when people say that everyone’s gorgeous- referring to the way they look. I agree that everyone’s got something beautiful about them, be it inside or out.