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    chivalry’s like fun. you hold a door open for a fat kid who’s not tall enough to reach the door and you’re a cool person. but then one time I heard that chivalry was dead. so that means either the door died, the Me died, or the fat kid died. Doors can’t die. and I aint dead yet… so I guess that means that poor little fat kid died. brothers and…[Read more]

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    I was checkin out my little streetpass thing, and I saw my brother and my bro Reg. I went up to Brother and he gave me a balloon, so that was fun. I walked over to my bro Reg, and he was just holdin an umbrella and I was like “boy gimme yo umbrella” and he was like “nope” and it was SOOO AGGRAVATING and the moral of the story is take your balloon…[Read more]

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    I was watchin star trek and kirk and friends were gettin all old and stuff, except that russian nationalist kid, but whatever. McCoy was all like “yo jimmy baby, you got some advanced arthritis in them hands there” and Jimmy Baby was all like “yo thanks ma buddy, we all woulda died if you didn’t catch that. you get a raise!” and then McCoy, for…[Read more]

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    Uselessness… I don’t like it. It’s agonizing. Being a waste of practically everything you could possibly be a waste of… makes you just want to flee from existence and not come back, doesn’t it?

  • Stratosphere? The heck’s a stratosphere? strategical sphere thing… like a Rubik’s cube… only a circle… that’s pretty cool, I guess. Throw it at somebody or use it as a pool ball… cuz Rubik’s cubes aren’t worth using properly, and I would assume stratospherical versions would be the same.

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    I’m tired. I want to go to sleep, but I’m waiting for something. I can’t sleep yet… I need to, but I shouldn’t… I need a lullaby and a good excuse. Then I can be happy.

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    I knew a guy named rocco. He looks like a hippie. he’s making this chart with the political compass thing. all the people are like leftist libertarian people except Ryan. he’s all like crammed up against the right and it’s funny. Christian made a joke today. it was about liberal people. it had to do with the pen i got from my hippie Gramma. all…[Read more]

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    Soap? who makes these things? I mean soap… it’s useful for cleaning, and cleaning is for progressive people. I don’t have time for no fancy smart person telling me what I should do. Although I was TOLD to see somebody… Eh. Soap is only useful if you need to be clean. Emotionally speaking, which this is, I’m fine this way…

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    We had to simplify in math. It didn’t really change the answer. In the end, it just made it easier for the lazy teacher to figure out if we got it right or wrong. Simplification was, in a way, conformity to the teacher. It was always correct in the other form, so I didn’t simplify. The teacher didn’t like it. but i didn’t really care that much.

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    Stories are fun. You get to make things up and pretend you’re happy and have fun with it. I could write a story about a kid who has a wonderfully happy life and that would be tons of fun. imagining it… maybe believing it if i was crazy enough at the time. I want a story…

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    There was a taco and somebody put him in the toaster oven and it was really hot because the toaster oven was set to “400” instead of “heat up this taco” and so the taco was like “I’m burning! Help me out of this toaster oven!” and the person who wanted a taco didn’t help him. In the end, the person with the taco ate the taco and then the person…[Read more]

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    so you like break it down by the roots to tell what it means…. “cred” sounds like “bread” and “ibility” is obviously “ability”… so we’re if you have credibility, you must be really good at making bread.