• There was a time when I believed everything I did led to a distinct purpose. I felt as though my life was being guided by some supreme force who was watching over me… a kind of referee who would blow the whistle if something unfair happened. That was beforehand. Before I lost my love, lost my purpose and lost my god. Now I know the rules are not…[Read more]

  • Jacob sat on the creek bank patting out mud pies, with leftover ingredients evidenced across his face, t-shirt and cut-off blue jeans.”Mmm-mm, them are gonna be good.” proclaimed Rebecca as she swung herself from the lowest branch of the nearby birch tree, her tennis shoes peeling off flakes of the river tree’s bark. Jacob smiled as he anticipated…[Read more]

  • She waited there, in the cold room; seated with an empty chair across the lonely table. Her fingernails were chewed down to the pink, yet she continued to tug and pull and clip them with her front teeth. The inquisition was over and she had confessed everything. She was at their mercy, which she assumed didn’t exist. Now it was just a waiting game…[Read more]

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    Greg considered how he should begin. How do you explain to your best friend’s wife that her husband is dead? Everything that he considered seemed contrived, at best. He reached out he fist to tap on the front door, when it swung open. There Angela stood, her eyes wide with surprise. Soon those eyes would be squeezing out a relentless torrent of…[Read more]

  • The attaché was in hand, covered by the coat he should have been wearing as he stepped into the cool, late autumn evening. He was startled by the suddenly percussive, overlaid flapping and cooing of the pigeons directly outside the firm’s doors. The birds rose into the setting sunlight over the downtown skyline as he slid to his knees; only now…[Read more]

  • There she sat, my ancient grandmother, holding our newest born son. Her posture was stiff and unfolding as she gave no emotion away to the tiny man. Yet he did not cry or fuss. It was as if he perceived his very life was in danger. Then, perhaps in a pulse-stopping moment of sheer and unwavering bravery, his walnut-sized hand reached up and…[Read more]

  • “You have no common decency.” The woman said. I found this quite humorous as debris from the chicken salad sandwich she was eating came flying from her mouth. “I would agree with you ma’am, as I consider my decency to be quite uncommon. And it is quite a shame too, as I feel this whole incident could have been avoided had you any regard for the…[Read more]

  • His heart raced like a fat man in the 10th mile of a marathon. He felt as though he was going to die. Maybe that would be preferred over his current form of living. There was nothing true about his life. His work, his marriage, his car and his kids. They were all constructs of what was expected of him. But the thought of leaving any of that for…[Read more]

  • She had been under my skin for days, keeping me awake and causing me to grind my teeth to bluntness. No one would miss her, except me. I felt her absence with every draft I wrote. The other girls were so flat and lifeless. I wanted her back, but she was gone and would not be returning. Murdered in 12 point Courier by her cold and calculated creator. Me.

  • “There are people who take care of this ma’am.” Said the officer. Sara refused to relent. “No! Those people are part of the system! You’re all here to keep us quiet and compliant and as soon as a blade of grass grows above the rest, you cut them off. Like you did with my son!” Her voice had now risen above the din of the police office and she had…[Read more]

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    “Great! That’s just swell!” Diana’s exclamation stank of cynicism as she sat in the dirt reaching for her foot. The rocks at the edge of the path had found a resting spot beside her after giving her chase into the sandy shoulder. Knowing she was not one for sympathies, I searched for something pragmatic to say. “You’re going to need some ice.”…[Read more]

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    There he stood, holding the ticket and waiting to board the plane. He had kept his mind focused this entire time. From packing his luggage to this very moment, he had felt nothing. Numb was the only emotion. Thoughts were held captive to one concept – get out of the country. That was when it happened. He was looking down to avoid eye contact when…[Read more]

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    Samantha sat near the blazing fire; warming herself at the hearth. It had dried her tears to her cheeks, leaving only a contrail to trace its path. Suddenly, she felt a cool breeze enter the room. The door had opened. He was home.

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    There is something I admire and abhor within my father. I see within him all of my past and the bulk of my future. Wrapped up within his success and his shortcomings are the trappings in which I have operated, in which I will live, in which I shall die.

  • She couldn’t help it. The memorial service was somber and everything was quite serious. Still, a grin formed on her face and threatened to bolt into laughter as she imagined Uncle Erwin making his celestial trip belting out one of his favorite songs. “I’m leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when i’ll be back again.”

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    Eric reached over, opening his hand as an invitation. Jessica returned favor and slipped her fingers between the mechanically animated, stainless steel digits. The coldness of the metal didn’t phase her as the warmth she felt inside was real.

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    The day droned on like the one before. The golden hues slipped down the paisley wallpaper and across the shag carpet. The cold set in and amber changed to topaz changed to onyx. Evelyn counted every minute of January 21st as her hopes turned to disappointment turned to bitterness. They must have had better things to do today than to visit an old…[Read more]

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    The dog stood there, between Jake and his escape. After everything… evading guards, hacking security, performing acrobatic acts to avoid sensors, man’s best friend was about to betray him. Even though the terrier was the size of a toaster, he would prove the old adage. His bark was most definitely worse than his bite.

  • Everyone’s eyes communicated the bewilderment they were experiencing. Roger continued to beg for his life. They held the antidote in their hands. If they would just give him one drink. The poison had already immobilized him, so Roger could not reach for the serum. Seconds later, he died – never understanding why they wouldn’t help him, never…[Read more]

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    She stared at him in shock. She no longer felt anything for him, but could not hold back tears as she tried bringing the last six years of their lives together to a conclusion. Through her watery eyes, she saw him staring back unblinking and seemingly unaffected. She knew then she had made the right decision to end the relationship. Now she…[Read more]