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    puzzled is kind of how i am everyday. on broad terms, or simple situations. i’d say im puzzled at why and how i got where i am today. definitely why more than how- and i will forever be puzzled about that because i will never get an answer. im puzzled as to why im sick, […]

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    i’m really determined. really is an understatement. i’m determined to do well in school, value my relationships, take advantage of the good things i have in life. because i know that in a second they can all dissapear. ‘m determined to never give up and never say never, to always keep fighting no matter how […]

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    i wonder how people make a decision on how to approach something. a person, a situation, a relationship, a disease. deciding how to approach how to treat an illness is a huge thing. wrong approaches waste time, and some patients don’t exactly have all the time in the world. some approaches fail, and you have […]

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    the first thing i think of is how everyone wants to be wanted. what about the things you want, or wanted when you were younger? i always wanted to graduate high school, go to college and then be a doctor- pediatrician to be exact. i didn’t get what i wanted. my mind changed, but so […]

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    for the longest time i wanted leopard heels because i love leopard print. everyone knows that. i went shopping on black Friday and couldn’t even find a pair. i was exhausted and in so much pain from all the walking around we did. i really noticed the difference between my abilities and the abilities of […]

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    its often that my mind wanders into different worlds. into different times. i wander into times where im not sick. not from the past, but times in the future. i imagine them all the time. i wander into moments where i am happier than i have ever been, and its not solely because im healthy- […]