• Cara commented on the post, brief 7 years ago

    briefly, she said, it’s been a long night. how could she even begin? well..uh..in brief, i’m not really sure how it started, she sputtered out.

  • Cara commented on the post, chat 7 years ago

    “it wasn’t really a chat, now was it?” she thought, trying to remember how it all began. it started off with an accusation, right? and the rest followed suit.

  • Cara commented on the post, jelly 7 years ago

    it squished, in a jellied fashion. “ughh!” she groaned, “what is THIS?” it was just the most recent incident in a string of disgusting events.

  • Cara commented on the post, cap 7 years ago

    the cap twisted off. the first of the night. it told people, “hey, i’m a student. and broke as shit.” he’d rather spend his money on beer than books, though.

  • Cara commented on the post, necessity 7 years ago

    out of necessity, she did it. she didn’t want to, she needed to. skulking about, peering around corners, she was stealth incarnate. she didn’t want anyone to know what she had become.

  • Cara commented on the post, convict 7 years ago

    the convict stared at the wall
    the same wall he’s been staring at for years
    the same fucking wall
    he has memorized the spidery patterns that the cracks make
    he sees the slate gray color when he closes his eyes.