• Jason commented on the post, progressive 5 years, 1 month ago

    My ties with the world beyond my myriad walls is somewhat…, progressive. Or, certainly, a simple string of progression, if nothing else. I have a different outlook that that which I had the year before, the week before. Occasionally, the day before, the hour. It is something of a nuisance.

  • Jason commented on the post, stamped 5 years, 5 months ago

    The time was stamped upon her wrist, in such a manner as to remind her of its presence whenever she glanced down. The noise was horrendous, and after approximately five minutes she wondered why it was that she had come to this dive of a bar in the first place.

    Hopefully, they were competent at mixing drinks…

  • Jason commented on the post, captivate 5 years, 7 months ago

    The way that the ocean breeze captivates me never fails to astonish. Think of it; stripped of context, said air currents are nothing more than that. Waves of energy made noticeable by the undulation of molecules, imbued with the brine of hundreds of millions of years.

    And yet…

  • Jason commented on the post, vapor 5 years, 7 months ago

    The vapor rose in thin jets and curtains, twisting about itself with infinite progression before slowly dissipating in the cool morning breeze.

    I looked at the laser rifle in my hands, then back at the small and strangely prosaic pile of ash at the foot of the stairs.

  • Jason commented on the post, dot 5 years, 8 months ago

    Matrix. The venerable Dot Matrix, of an original line of printers. Or, in a completely different micro universe, a heroine of Mainframe.

  • Jason commented on the post, meow 5 years, 8 months ago

    Cats everywhere. Cats falling from the open covers of ventilation shafts.
    Cats tumbling about within the confines of a popcorn popper.
    Cats in the garden.
    This is precisely why I am a dog person.

  • Jason commented on the post, unwritten 5 years, 8 months ago

    Such is my future, as unwritten as ever there was an idea tossed from one neuron to another amidst the throes of literary abandon. My future, like my novel, is something that waits for me in the shadow of an open door, gesturing.

  • Jason commented on the post, wrought 5 years, 8 months ago

    Wrought with pain.
    I really cannot imagine what it is that draws me to this place, as execrable as it makes me feel.
    Well, that is something of an asinine question.
    I know precisely why it is that this location has such effects upon me.

  • Jason commented on the post, bronze 5 years, 11 months ago

    The dull metallic glint of early morning sunlight shown effulgent, glancing off of his bronze helmet as an arrow is turned away lightly from the hard surface of a shield.

  • Jason commented on the post, calamity 5 years, 12 months ago

    The ocean waves lapped gently upon the coarse, rocky shoreline. Soon, the tide would recede, revealing a number of sea creatures; among them, a great multitude of clams. And it is them, honestly, that I thought of when the word “calamity” was uttered.

  • Jason commented on the post, pained 6 years ago

    The pained look upon the woman’s face was mirrored in the twin orbs set into the face of the recently deceased man, laying with his back to the pavement and his nose skyward and all of the debris and shattered benevolence scattered about him. He, and his would be interlocutor.

  • Jason commented on the post, truth 6 years ago

    Truth is…, what, precisely?
    There are times when I do not know.
    There are times when I would not care to know, though I must.
    There are times.
    Truth is…, how things are.

  • Jason commented on the post, cities 6 years ago

    The cities had begun to slip into decline long before the spacial detritus tore its way through the thinned and damaged atmosphere of 25th century earth. Mankind was in dire need of… ?

  • Jason commented on the post, overt 6 years ago

    The overtly obvious nature of the surveillance that had been placed upon the tower was not intended as one might expect. While the gathering of intelligence was of some importance, the dark vans and ambiguous men and women pretending to blend into crowds thousands strong was more message than legitimate operation.

  • Jason commented on the post, overt 6 years ago

    The sarcasm was of such overt cruelty that the poor fool hadn’t the time nor the will to square his shoulders, to raise his eyes from beyond the circumference of the hardwood floor.

  • Jason commented on the post, tales 6 years ago

    But probably not. Tales, as improbable as many will sound, do, in fact, have some basis in fact in some fashion or another.
    I think.
    Well, actually…, do they?
    Maybe I am not as smart as I think that I am, at times…

  • Jason commented on the post, signals 6 years ago

    Across the surface of the gently undulating water, the two vessels shone their lights into the gathering darkness. The luminescence from their deeply concave reflective surfaces beamed with lazy power across miles of salty ocean.

  • Jason commented on the post, lamb 6 years ago

    A small, fluffy animal leaps and bounds about a pasture imbued with greenery and salient warmth. The winter months were quite abysmal, and the sudden turn of environmental fortune was most welcome by the smallest of the pastures inhabitants.

  • Jason commented on the post, sentenced 6 years ago

    I have been sentenced.
    The words encase me, hold me, threaten me with minatory haste.
    I have been sentenced to forever behold the written word as one who desires nothing else.

  • Jason commented on the post, startled 6 years ago

    It is in the way the eyes widen.
    First, there was nothing.
    Loud noise.
    To catch your breath in such a way as this.