• h. b. commented on the post, aperture 3 years, 12 months ago

    i wasn’t blind
    and i wasn’t in darkness;

    i was just waiting
    for something worth opening
    my eyes to see.

  • h. b. commented on the post, colonel 3 years, 12 months ago

    you trusted me with your back,
    i trusted you with mine.

    you were only supposed to shoot me
    if i was out of line.

    but power corrupts and power enslaves,
    who knew you’d be the one

    i didn’t get to save

  • h. b. commented on the post, improv 3 years, 12 months ago

    your neck in my teeth and we had to fool them
    two beasts are not supposed to fall in love

    (that would make it seem like it /okay/
    that humanity isnt our default state after all)

  • h. b. commented on the post, mechanism 3 years, 12 months ago

    i can wax poetic about the curve of your smile
    the moonshine of your skin the charcoal of your eyes
    the bells of your laughter
    the rumble of your moans

    the sweetness of your movements the steel in your voice
    but i would just be making up for what i dont understand

    i dont really know what draws me to you
    you just do

    (i dont really…[Read more]

  • h. b. commented on the post, meanwhile 3 years, 12 months ago

    (and yesterday’s word: chosen)

    i wish you’d been the prophet instead of me

    (you might have been strong enough to leave me behind
    but a horizon would only remind me of your smile)

  • h. b. commented on the post, pursuit 4 years ago

    [and yesterday’s word: plumes]

    i was chasing your ghost
    and all i have to show
    is the smell of smoke on my clothes,

    the memory of your hair,
    soft as rain.

  • h. b. commented on the post, geometric 4 years ago

    there you are, a vision,
    difficult to remove.

    (that i don’t
    want to remove) like

    smoke in a room,
    rain in the cracks of a sidewalk,
    imprints of lips and fingertips on dirty glasses.

    inevitable as pollution in the city,
    beauty in the city.

    love tangled in blankets on the floor,
    because something nearby was warmer.

    undissolved s…[Read more]

  • h. b. commented on the post, trumpets 4 years ago

    when gabe came to get me,
    i hadn’t showered for four days.

    i was in pajamas, and in the middle of
    a bowl of ramen that i made too watery.

    (it was a cardiac arrest, they’ll find out later,
    even though i was too young,
    even though the only thing on tv at that moment
    were reruns of spongebob.

    i guess being unlucky ran in my…[Read more]

  • h. b. commented on the post, stencil 4 years ago

    you were my first love.
    you set a certain standard
    for all my future love affairs.

    thank god was pathetically low.

    (aside from being a sh*tty person,
    you make for a sh*tty memory too.)

  • h. b. commented on the post, unthinkable 4 years ago

    if we were bugs, one day
    would not seem so short.

    if we were turtles, a century
    would not seem so long.

    as it is, we’re only human,
    able to be outlived by trees

    and still able to find time
    to complain about being bored.

    (please find me, when i am
    a bird or a coral or a star.

    no matter how many days
    the universe gives me,

    i…[Read more]

  • h. b. commented on the post, derive 4 years ago

    the moon cannot shine
    without light from the sun

    yet we do not call it stealing.

  • h. b. commented on the post, ferry 4 years ago

    god made earth and sky
    to put distance between us and him.

    if you ask me.

    not content with that,

    he made the ocean
    to split us apart from each other.

    (tiny moving islands living
    on bigger immobile ones.
    that’s the joke.

    how are we faring, father?)

  • h. b. commented on the post, selling 4 years ago

    i cannot love you the deepest
    (that which is reserved for the sea)

    i cannot love you in a way
    that will make you most free
    (the birds will do a better job than me)

    i cannot promise that i will love you the most
    (i don’t know what the others in your life
    are thinking, can only speak
    for my own)

    i cannot love you harder than a…[Read more]

  • h. b. commented on the post, pupil 4 years ago

    your mouth is a moving stop sign
    and it’s telling me to swerve

    but your eyes are saying differently.
    your eyes want to eat me whole

    and i just never learn.

  • h. b. commented on the post, television 4 years ago

    i have a lover
    i see her every weeknight at 9:30 sharp

  • h. b. commented on the post, defended 4 years ago

    i will always
    fight for you

    (i just didn’t know
    it would mean
    fighting you,

  • h. b. commented on the post, irreverent 4 years ago

    yknow prayer’s the same thing
    as saying your name to myself

    at least four times a day.

    (once in every direction
    my tongue has fashioned
    enough rosaries for a convent)

  • h. b. commented on the post, sandcastle 4 years ago

    we should have built ourselves
    farther away from the shore

    (the ocean will soften our edges
    and purify us with salt;

    but i don’t want us to last forever.
    i just want to be loved

    harder and rougher than i have

  • h. b. commented on the post, disciple 4 years ago

    here is my jar of perfume
    to cleanse the dirt from the road;

    (my life,
    do with it as you please)

    here is my hair to dry
    your holy feet with

    (i can’t leave you but you can leave me.)

  • h. b. commented on the post, creativity 4 years ago

    using one knife for a five-blade job