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    All she wants is to breathe. Fresh air, not the disinfected pumped oxygen that they called air here. Even in the “garden” the air was the same stale, near death air. She wanted to climb all the way into the stratosphere and breathe every bit of air on the way down. She could imagine it.
    No parachute, just complete free fall. Everything blowing…[Read more]

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    She clout the hard dirt with the heavy rake. She had been at it all day and barely had a half acre finished. She wanted to sob, knowing that at this rate she would never have a crop planted in time. But she pushed on, working even harder. Her hands blistered and dirty, her legs weary as she returned to the house well after dark.

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    She placed the wafer in her mouth, sucking on the dry cracker. Body of the Christ. Jesus Christ… She steps into the booth, kneeling as she hears the small door slide open. “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.” Sinned, and sinned again. Her life was a sin. One man after the other. My the Virgin Mary forgive her for not following suit, following…[Read more]

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    If I were to do a casting call on my life. I could place nearly all. That girl would be her, and he would be the guy from work. I might, with a little difficulty be able to cast myself. But how could I ever find some one to play you? Who could look, talk, and act like you? Who could have that laugh or that smile? Who could make my heart beat just…[Read more]

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    Peas. Green and gooey crushed peas. All over him as he catapults them across the room at his father. His father, a beautiful mess. Disheveled hair, grey t shirt with bits of peas on them, and boxers. They both smile the same mischievous smile as I walk in on the scene. How could I be mad when all I can see is a perfect family.

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    Flowers falling slowly with the lazy wind. Blossoms float in the open window past the sheer white curtains. A lullaby is being hummed quietly. All a hazy memory as he looks around the scorched room. So much destruction and death. The war has taken so much from so many, but he feels as though he has lost the most. He can hear his mother calling…[Read more]

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    He signed it. She met him. He shook her hand. Wow… She clutches the book to her chest turning in circles. To meet the man who writes the men of her dreams. And he smiled at her when she blushed and stumbled over her own names.
    “With love, Lyndon James.”

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    The music is deafening, but amazing. It seems to speak to them. They dance and sing, loving just how the summer feels around them.

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    Long choppy dark hair, flying about in that particular way. The perfect rocker. The man of her dreams. A guitar in hand and a song on his lips. Just a few feet away, she can almost feel him. She screams as his eyes actually lock on hers. A moment, she swears it is a moment. A feeling, more than it really could be.

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    A shoulder is what she needs, something to lean on and something to hold. Something to cry on and something to scream into. Something that she simply cant have but all the more to want it right?

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    Auburn. The color of the autumn leaves surrounding her. As we lay in the grass, a bottle of beer in her hand and a smile splayed across her face. Her dark hair down her back, dark green eyes. A sight of beauty. Of perfection.

  • Caitlin commented on the post, celestial 6 years, 7 months ago

    Celestial objects, beings from above. Guide me, join me. Teach how to rise above and how to fall from the heavens. I wish only to be like you, to join you in eternal life. The darkness made bright by our very souls. Chasing demons from the sky and from the dreams of mortals below. Make me great like you.

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    He looms over her. Fist clenched. All she can taste is blood, all she can see is rage. She loves him, and he loves her? Not enough… or maybe too much.
    She blinks, it isn’t him. It is someone else. A stranger in her bed. But a stranger with the same blue eyes and the same warm hands. What had her life become? How had she allowed this?

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    Soapy, sudsy, bubbly mess. But the most fun I have had in years. Cold water, warm day, hot night. The happiest I have been in so long. Dirty car, clean sheets. Memories that will never fade, will never leave like you have to. But for now this is enough. This is something, which is more than nothing. Maybe not forever, but it is now.

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    How to simplify your life:
    Step one: Stop listening, to everything. Even music because it can evoke dangerous thoughts.
    Step two: Stop doing, everything. Just don’t leave your house. Don’t even leave your bed if you can help it.
    Step three: Stop loving, everyone. Other people simply make it difficult to have a simple life. They create drama…[Read more]

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    Tipping back her beer she smiles. His warmth is bitterly sweet against the cool fall breeze. Just like old times, just the two of the drinking and talking. Laughing and smiling. Perfectly silent. They simply fit together. Everything about them. The way his hands were bigger than hers, the perfect way her head fit into the notch of his shoulder.…[Read more]

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    We all have stories. Long and short, dramatic and uneventful. My story? My story is one of risk, of adventure, of abuse, use, and destruction. I have been beaten in every way possible, attacked verbally and thrown down a flight of stairs. I have lived in the dump and in luxury. I have been high and low. I have been in love and out of it. I have…[Read more]

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    Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Blank pages, blank expressions. An empty book, not the kind you fill with words and phrases, but the kind that the ink has faded after years of disuse, dishonesty. Burns around the edges of the pages, scorch marks from being just too close to the flames. Water marks from the consequential extinguishment of the heat and…[Read more]

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    Take account, take credibility. You know what you did, what you still do. What you do to me… But is it your fault? Is it your fault that I want you. You with all your faults and failures? Even though I know just what you are? A criminal, a thief, an accuser, an executioner. But you are my criminal, the thief of my heart, my accuser, and surely t…[Read more]

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    Nerves, panic, open mouth but no voice. This can’t be happening. “Miss Chase?” This is the end, all the dreams and hopes down to one moment. Everyone who prepared her for this is sitting in the crowd, disappointed.
    “You will never be able to do it. You are nothing”. Lies and she knows it. Fuck him.
    A deep breath and it all erupts from her…[Read more]