• stargirl commented on the post, boom 3 years, 7 months ago

    the noise was so loud it drummed
    drummed in my ears
    and the little boy screamed
    he shouted
    he never wanted to leave
    i could have sworn it was a song i wrote
    a long time ago
    in the boom of summer
    when you cried
    and i walked away

  • stargirl commented on the post, boyfriend 4 years, 9 months ago

    there once was a time that yesterday’s lips held
    today in their curve – so promising and grim.
    a smile that departs at the wave of a hand
    wiped way with good intentions and
    heavy regard.
    now, drinking from the tap of infinite golden rules just
    to learn what it means to be finite, we
    interlace thoughts with lessons and remember not…[Read more]

  • stargirl commented on the post, cocoon 4 years, 9 months ago

    When you
    say you will
    Smoke Pills Again
    the truth is
    you have to start back in the cocoon
    Wingless, Infantile, Suckling
    and promise me you will hibernate,
    not pick up the phone when They call
    to sell you more.
    In fact you will need to toss that number
    get a new phone entirely – alert Me when
    you are aching craving about to…[Read more]

  • stargirl commented on the post, charmed 4 years, 9 months ago

    Walking in the pouring rain 5am nocoffee

  • stargirl commented on the post, stardust 4 years, 10 months ago

    i am lost with out you stroking my hair when i wake up
    your hands so far away
    i dont even know you any more
    The way you shake at the thought of breaking my trust
    stealing money from.my favorite book of poems thinking
    you could replace it before i noticed
    what a fool you have made me out to be
    You are a different kind of selfish
    you just…[Read more]

  • stargirl commented on the post, caramel 4 years, 11 months ago

    So sweet in my mouth you gave me cavities im panicking cant pick your taste from my teeth you linger i taste you still years later once decadent now rot in my gums and from the back of my throat i cough and out comes your name. When i swallow i feel your last words trickle down into the pit of my stomach and you sear through the linng and swim…[Read more]

  • stargirl commented on the post, fishing 4 years, 11 months ago

    sink my hook into the ocean floor
    40,000 feet down i think i caught it
    caught something strong enough
    to pull me under — i am weightless all alone

  • untamedimagination commented on the post, elegance 5 years ago

    Your elegance consumes me
    Your words–they drip with pleasure
    Pleasure for you
    Poison for me
    Your elegance will be my downfall
    Your words they poison me

  • stargirl commented on the post, stitches 5 years ago

    open wounds fester and begin to think for themselves
    there is a part of me so torn up that it has a mind of it’s own

    i am not naturally this happy i have worked my ass off
    to keep my head up, your weight still brings me down
    i dream of you fucking up my life
    i dream of us fucking
    i don’t ever want to please you

  • stargirl commented on the post, amused 5 years ago


    i think
    you are
    a joke
    this is all some sort of prank
    you’re pulling my leg, isn’t that right?
    when i see you in my dreams i laugh
    and in person you are still an apparition
    you are flimsy and easily copied

    and here i am writing this
    instead of telling you all to your faces
    just how much you waste my time
    i would…[Read more]

  • stargirl commented on the post, stood 5 years ago

    i wonder how many times i have lost my ground
    fallen from flat earth to flat earth
    lost my balance and never found it
    but i don’t really care
    because what is my age even for?
    i have lived a million lives through these decades
    and my favorite is in the clouds
    my home the sky
    ten thousand feet above
    all the way up where i…[Read more]

  • untamedimagination commented on the post, never 5 years ago

    Never take for granted what you have
    Never let the pain of today destroy the good in tomorrow
    Never let your light flicker out
    Burn bright until the day you die

  • stargirl commented on the post, conviction 5 years ago


    tie me up and toss the key
    (i won’t let my back bone shrink)
    i was arrested for bad habits and
    sad attempts at trying
    i can change i can change
    i won’t snap
    i won’t take every thing to heart
    won’t lock up my heart even if
    i’m locked into you
    when did i become so serious?
    need to stretch these muscles into words
    i can feel…[Read more]

  • stargirl commented on the post, worldly 5 years, 1 month ago

    out of this world
    i thought i knew you
    but wouldn’t that be the truth?
    and that is just something we don’t do
    we hide how we feel
    between the palms of our hands
    pressed together
    sweat beads and breaks the bond
    worlds away and i still feel everything i once hid
    i am in constant denial
    deny me deny me
    go back in time and hide me

  • stargirl commented on the post, venture 5 years, 2 months ago

    inside the lines of a square
    I am fully aware of the boundaries
    Don’t touch you
    Don’t talk to him
    Don’t go to that bar
    Do I know who you are??
    I am bending those lines
    And breaking them creating
    Holes I have to squeeze through
    But I still manage to pull through
    On the outside I see all of
    Your insecurities
    I see all of my…[Read more]

  • stargirl commented on the post, blurry 5 years, 2 months ago

    Man I just woke up and I
    Don’t feel like talking
    The sleep in my eyes came from my brain I’m
    Sure you can tell last night was hell

  • stargirl commented on the post, prank 5 years, 3 months ago

    I thought it was a trick
    Your treat to me
    I am speechless sick
    Only leaving lost words
    I ship them out to sea
    To you
    Floating patiently to shore
    But my message melts to sand
    And I can not seem to keep my
    Head above water I’m dreading the
    Day I sink I’m thrashing trying to trap
    Air in my lungs my ankles feel like weights
    I have been…[Read more]

  • stargirl commented on the post, crystal 5 years, 4 months ago

    Transparency was never me
    I don’t think
    Actually maybe I am easy to read
    Easily seen through
    What does my heart look like?
    What does my soul taste like?
    I think its going sour
    I think I’m going bad
    Try me
    Go farther
    Father please baptize me
    I am sick
    My mind is ill
    You told me when I was ten that
    I was washed clean
    In that…[Read more]

  • stargirl commented on the post, artwork 5 years, 4 months ago

    your veins are artwork meant for the most prestigious museums but
    somehow they ended up inside of you, showing through your flesh
    and one at a time i started to notice them – connected canals and rivers
    your reddest and bluest passions flowing beneath your scarred skin
    these vessels caught my eye on the rainiest of days – one, first,…[Read more]

  • stargirl commented on the post, coil 5 years, 5 months ago

    coil and weep
    none of us deserves anything
    i can’t deny i’ve been crying away most of my feelings
    why the fuck am i always so sensitive?
    my hands are cracking from over working
    my insides are strong i’ve been breathing for
    almost twenty one years —
    i can’t grow tired yet