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    It crept into the corners of her eyes, hugged her head until it fell beneath the heaviness, and then curdled around her wilted remains like a loyal companion. Lunacy loved her, and for that she was lost.

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    The more she learned the more her memory, like her eyes, had to squint at the concepts she tried to recall; things once known, even a day or hour ago, were forgotten for want of space. A brain could only bury so much in its folds before the excess was inevitably forfeited to the air beyond.

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    She tousled her hair, shimmying out the kink, sliding dirty fingers through the sweat-slickened strands. It had been a long day, and was going to be a longer night. She grabbed a pencil, wrapped her hair into a bun, and pinned it in place.There was no point in showering now.

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    “Ha! Right?” She rubbed her face and instantly regretted it; grease and ink seeped into her pores. She was going to fail the test, and no amount of studying was going to change that.
    Eric smiled at her, but it was stiffer than it should’ve been. He knew how hard this was for her, how much she needed to pass this class. But there was nothing else…[Read more]

  • It spat at her, lodging broken signals and sunspots in her ear. The transmission was officially, and irrevocably dead. There was no one left to repair the relay station, and even if there were, all the space suits had been taken out by the flare. The entire north section of the base was lost, and if she was being honest with herself, so was she.

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    What a failure. Months he had been planning, months! And yet here it was, a few dangling parts and a coffee stained blueprint. He was never going to get the research grant for next year; the funding board was far too efficient.

  • She wasn’t as versatile as she had previously thought. To the contrary, she was cracking like over-iced iron. There was too much work to do, too far out of her wheelhouse with way too many distractions. There was too little time, too little motivation, and too little progress. She was doomed.

  • Computers were beyond him. There complexity was matched only by his confusion when he looked at them. Even the buttons–each with two symbols and several functions beyond those–left him wincing and wallowing in utter ineptitude. Why did they always break right when school started?

  • He explained all the different indicator species, pointing out the way the blue spruce was stunted at lower elevations, almost sickly, and how bluegrass in turn lost its bluish hue when you traveled up the moment. However, in between notes she couldn’t help focusing on the way the sun clipped the tree tops and set the needles alight, burning the…[Read more]

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    It extended beyond the means of measurement or comprehension, encompassing all life in and out of the known realities. The aura’s strength suppressed any awareness of its existence, for nothing survived outside of it. As far as they could tell, there was nothing outside of it at all.

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    The railway was deserted. She hated traveling at night, it was a chalk-outline waiting to happen. Where was Frank? So much for waiting for her. She tightened her jacket around her with a gloved hand, taking solace in the soft groan of leather on leather. At least knives would be less of an issue.

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    Ravenously it roamed the skies, ignoring our paltry physics to fly through absent air, to move farther and faster than one life should allow, and all in the search of a food. But its food was out of reach, for its food forged the end, for its food was the beginning.

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    It rose slowly over the course of several hours, and all the while he stared at it, transfixed by this bizarre injury. He lost count of how many times he had poked the welt, but he had long since stopped wincing in response. No one had ever hit him before.

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    She stared at it. Should she poke it? Was it safe? Where did it come from? She continued to stare at the small, purple cone sitting on the kitchen floor. It was glowing. She toed it and promptly screamed. It was moving.

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    Peeling away the pages with a straight razor, strip by strip, column by column, curl by curl, she created rings of ruined literature, confetti from Confucius. With the utmost care she collapsed a hundred of each into classic coke bottles and lined the wall with their light. It was a start.

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    She strung the necklaces short atop long, the bracelets wide above narrow, and carefully covered each knuckle with a ring before stepping back and staring at the mirror. Her mask was half way done.

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    The life unled rolled out before bleary eyes, beyond the crust that clunk to greasy lashes. She was thirty, still at home, still unknown. Her work hadn’t even really failed, worse, it hadn’t been. She alternated between too little and too much, with never enough moderation to make something of her work. The extremes comprised such a massive extent…[Read more]

  • Her life was littered with words unwritten, and worse with those that were half way there, barely held onto the page by a sentence or six. But such was the way of evolution; there would always be more bits and babies than would beget bits and babies of their own. It was a sad, to be sure, but it ensured that only the strongest narratives would survive.

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    Her beliefs rode the line between dogmatic and diligent, enforcing habits and opinions upon any who stepped into her sphere of awareness. But then she was a teacher, so it wasn’t entirely inappropriate.

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    It was a savage schedule: six classes in one semester. The only blessing was that three started in September, and five involved literature.