• Brittany Nicole commented on the post, beloved 8 years ago

    My beloved Pebbles. You were the most adorable, sweet little kitty anyone could ever ask for. And to leave us so young… i’ll never understand why. It’s so unfair. You were only 9 years old. Your life was cut in half in a matter of days. 5.16.11 will always be remember little one. Maybe I’ll […]

  • Brittany Nicole commented on the post, funeral 8 years ago

    shit. this is hard to think about. i’ve been to one funeral in my life. and it wasn’t an actual funeral service. it was a visitation. one of my close childhood friends, ian, committed suicide on march 14 of this year. i was such a mess over it. i am not looking forward to going […]

  • Brittany Nicole commented on the post, limo 8 years ago

    I do not recall ever riding in a limo before. they’re so fancy and sophisticated. i just really don’t understand why its so cool to ride in one. it’s just a stretched out car, you know? i guess, you can’t put a hot tub and mini bar in a normal sized car. i want to […]

  • Brittany Nicole commented on the post, backpack 8 years ago

    Hmm. I haven’t owned a backpack in years. Although I think I have permanent back problems from when I used to use them. Things were so simpler in those days. Now I have so much more crap to carry around. I do remember one year, 2nd grade, my hello kitty backpack. Pink and furry. Good […]