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    They seemed all innocent at the beginning. Even their teeth didn’t hurt. But that wasn’t the case at all. Mostly nurture, but Ray just wasn’t a good father. Thought that meanness and violence was the way to approach the world.

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    She felt just like she did the day of the bank robbery. A little flustered. She thought at the time that she and Dave could last forever. Money and kids and infidelity weren’t even in the picture. Just sheer bliss at this man. Man of her dreams. Like it would never end.

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    If all we could do is walk into the water and bathe. If all we could do was see each other through the clean eyes that Tuesday morning brings. That would be something to take away from this. You can do whatever you set your mind to. Ninety days is all that it takes. Twelve steps up the ladder is the promised land.

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    All that talk of the devil and what he had done to her turned off most of the ladies in the neighborhood quilting bee. But Gloria, oh Gloria!, she was a real card and thought it was hilarious. The better part of the hour she kept prodding her to tell more while the others kept refilling their tea in the kitchen and gossiping under their breath.

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    I guess he was always suspect. The way he prowled around the neighborhood. The cats would run for cover. His tongue all hanging out. Those were the days before he was a dog. And already such a beast. I hated him like one hates a mom’s new boyfriend. As if my life depended on it.

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    He was the high-stepper. The one with all the plans. Didn’t need college because he learned it all walking the woods in his country home with his father when he was a child. The insignia, the shine on the boots. It was all there to qualify him as the leader. And if you didn’t agree, there would be hell to pay.

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    They stood on the brink, the horizon, waiting and waiting for the sun to just come up. If everything could just. There had been dark movements in the trees throughout the evening. Everyone is scared of bears. Especially in the dark when we haven’t properly secured our rations.

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    It’s all they talked about. Just how it was back then, back there. Why they had even wandered this way was unknown except for the vague notion of “opportunity.” We hated them as much as they condescended to us. This land put hair on the chest, chilled the blood a bit. Occasionally inspired awe in the most faithful of us.

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    There were eleven of them. All tall, mostly blond, fully-protected. Marching across the green at great clip. The sun was shining, but in the distance a storm was looming even though it was the lord’s day. He had great plans for us.

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    You’re sitting mostly in the dark. They explained that to me once. The illusion is that the picture is moving. It’s like the flicker of the world after all. Hologram? We are just painted on the surface. Just projected. Just illusion. Thus, movie stars, all of us.

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    Believe it or not, it was in the fall, things were starting their descent into what would become compost – a long sleep for the winter – avoiding the grey days to come. She was hot with passion for a man in Montana, or was it Wyoming, screaming that she was getting on a flight. That she had to figure it out. That she had to no definitively.

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    I was standing there, and although the clouds were thick, the one little sliver of that silver crescent moon was shining through. I was in the middle of something beautiful and Judy walked up and interrupted. I can’t even spell it out now. How crazy!

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    My dad worked for 30 years at the FCI facility in Butner. First as electrician then as a computer/systems specialist. He still knows almost next to nothing about computers but he got to come home at the end of the day everyday and that was important for a growing boy.

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    Oh shit! She was up to so much in that little movie. Or should we call it a film? Does it really rise to that? Anyway, there was the underwear scene with full on butt crack exposed. There was little mystery. Much laughter. Heartache and redemption. Yep. It was all there. I wonder what he said to her in the end? Did she even hear it above all the noise?

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    We were out among the deep depressions in the Earth. Not the Badlands, but bad lands. I realized I had completely misunderstood the mission. It was time for it all to be rethought. There was a black bird in the air searching for food. We could use some as well. We heard “nevermore.” I realized that it was time to hit the trail.

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    That’s how she felt it was, or I was. Whether it was high or that damned guitar. Or there were the things we did from time to time with fish out on the lake. Ah, the lake remember that? Weekends there before the bottom fell out. LEISURE. We were so high-falutin then.

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    Oh how I wish that he wanted me. That would be the greatest. Instead I just keep swinging on the trapeze. A little closer now. A little further away later. Never let go because you know he won’t be there to catch you. Not yet. Mesmerize the crowd for a little longer, although you would still be doing this even if they were not there.

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    They just couldn’t be, now could they? Of all the things that they could be – baseball players, prostitutes, eggmen and eggwomen – they just couldn’t be. I spiralled out into the night last night wondering and wandering. This has to stop.There’s a man and he’s president.

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    It’s a little ringing in the ears this morning. I missed the concert last night but still have the aural hangover. Maybe it was too much whiskey. Maybe it was the sweet nothings whispered in the ear of a stranger.

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    There were all the girls wearing the pink walking down the beach. Strange. Must be a bachelorette party with all the accoutrements. There was candy too. A boardwalk and all the neon-lit hotels with names like “The […]