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    His self. Herr self. Themselves. “How do you get to her house?”, they asked themselves. They didn’t know, but they did know that they didn’t to find it fast. They were running, running for freedom, runnimg from opression, running from themselves. “Why did we do it?”, she asked as they were running from the crime scene.

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    There are many types of steps and many steps to take. You take baby steps when you’re little, and giant steps when you’re old. You struggle walking up the steps when you’re young and old. So, I guess you’re in the same boat, at some points because you can’t even take steps. Lack of coordination and bone density.
    There are many steps to take.…[Read more]

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    The food of choice. Meet. That’s Meat. More meat. Protein please. Strong Muscles. Strong Bones. Strong arms, hands, heart. Entree, entry. This way.