• he loved to watch her laugh. there was something scintillating about her smile. she lit up the area, the room, the people around her. he would often notice that when she laughed, she attracted the attention of everyone around. not awkward or weird attention, but you could see the interest in their face when they looked at hers. she was the…[Read more]

  • i am a tornado of questions and wonders. an ever moving, kinetic, ball of incomprehensibilities. many many things that i cannot understand nor make sense of. things that baffle my mind endlessly.

  • something (ridiculous) kept telling her they were meant to be. destined to love one another for all time. something (entirely stupid and reckless) inside her clung to his abusive ways and accusatory tone for far longer than anyone (in their right mind) could or should. what kind of disposition must one have to spend every waking moment searching…[Read more]

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    an entrance and an exit are one in the same. even if the door, window or opening only flows one way. it’s merely the way you look at it. like a half full half empty type deal. either you’re coming or you’re going […]

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    what does it mean to be civilized? to act properly? to do things and respond to situations according to societal standards? interesting. this would infer that one would either innately know or learn these things. […]

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    fresh. what kind of fresh? like doug e. fresh? or fresh fruit? do you mean fresh like flirty? or fresh as in “i opened the bread the other day and there’s no twist tie on it but it should still be ‘fresh'”??

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    i like to be dominant. particularly in physically expressive sexuality. i exert my inner testosterone and take charge. it’s always a good time.

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    mass. hmmm.. oddly, i don’t have much to say and what i do have to say might border the lines of things that shouldn’t be shared. regardless, my grandmother once told me that an ultrasound technician told her that […]

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    i am happy. i don’t feel it, i can’t see it and it’s as quiet as a church in here, but i know in my heart i’m happy. i might not be all that happy today, right here – right now, but i’m happy in my heart, in my […]

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    they say anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. i made this remark to a friend that is an inspirational speaker as well as authority figure in his community. a self-made man with well defined […]

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    i had to read Hamlet last week. lord love a duck. i had the text version in my coursebook, the text with plain text version on my aunt’s table, the Merriam-webster website open as well as the spark notes site and […]

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    sometimes it’s hard to see the signs. sometimes, things would be better if there were statements instead of signs. if there were outright stand alone statements based on their own meaning and merits to show you […]

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    i have not ever voted on anything. ever. shame? pitiful? awful of me? i know. what can i say, i just haven’t. i’ve wanted to, but politics is not my thing. i have no tolerance for history, religion or politics. […]

  • some people. you can’t judge a book by it’s cover… well, you’re not SUPPOSED to. but that’s nonsense if you ask me. the cover is the greeting, the opening, the appetizer. if you don’t like the cover, why try […]

  • despite my efforts, i cannot seem to add hours to my day. no matter what, there still remains only twenty-four, even though i have protested and requested more. i just need them for myself. i won’t share or divide […]

  • i am suffering from inspirational writing blindness. there are hundreds of words bouncing around in my head with no verifiable pattern or message. i am trying desperately to write an essay for my english class, […]

  • really? i know more about asthma than i care to. my son has severe asthma. brought on by seven out of eight major food allergies. he’s been in anaphylactic shock several times and has to carry an epi-pen. he has a […]

  • there is a stillness to the early morning – just before the dawn that is unlike any other time of day of any other time of year. everyday is calm and beautiful as it slowly matures from dusk into dawn. every […]

  • i thought that i had my writing in a style that i liked and was comfortable with. i basically just sit down and write whatever comes to mind. most of the time the thoughts flow pretty cohesively and i manage to […]

  • i used to have an obsession with magazines when i was in high school. i still love them, but i don’t spend money on them the way i used to. mostly because i hate looking at things that i will never know — […]