• I am a resident of the hotel of love-
    And you are the one who gave me lease;
    I cannot leave
    It’s too addicting
    You’re always around
    And i’m always surrounded
    I’m never alone
    even if sometimes I feel alone
    But I know you’re there
    Not too far away.
    It’s a rollercoaster of emotions
    Trying to upkeep
    And keep it all glued together
    But I…[Read more]

  • All I hear anymore is a faint ringing-
    It haunts my brain
    It Haunts my soul, and inner being
    I can’t stop picking up signals
    It’s overwhelming
    but you,
    You’re right there in front on me
    A memory
    Or so it feels like
    But you’re real
    Standing tall
    With arms wide open-
    You tell me things are going to be okay;
    As you say i look…[Read more]

  • I almost had you-
    Things couldn’t have been more perfect
    then you had to go and FUCK it up
    I told you not to
    I can’t force you to want me
    and I am going to have to get over you.
    it’ll take time
    because I am so bitter towards you.
    because you chose someone else over me
    which makes me feel inferior
    and small
    and…[Read more]

  • Why in the FUCK do I always do this to myself-
    My mind is always thinking about shit, which makes me do dumb things.
    Like chase boys around for no reason,
    I’m so lonely all the time
    Where did this come from?
    What the hell happened-
    Always incomplete thoughts are what are in my head. They never seem to finish themselves..
    Fear and…[Read more]

  • today,
    I saw you in the mirror-
    and it brought back memories
    dear god i’ve missed you.
    I can’t believe you’re here!
    How’d you sneak in?
    i sit down in front of the mirror,
    and hold my hand out-
    you reach out
    and put yours into mine
    that feeling, in the pit of my stomach
    i have butterflies.
    i saw you, in the mirror
    then blinked, and saw me.

  • You may not be able to see-
    But I can,
    Right through the blackness
    take my hand
    i’ll lead you
    and you can follow
    if you can
    just be still
    listen, breathe and feel the darkness
    It’s not so bad, is it?

  • All these noises
    All these sights
    They are all better with you by my side
    All these emotions
    All these feelings
    They are all better when I’m feeling them with you
    Our adventures will take us places
    To places that only people dream of
    Our time will come
    Let’s not worry about it, my dear
    Let’s enjoy what we get to hear
    Let’s enjoy what we…[Read more]

  • You cannot see me
    you cannot see yourself
    we cannot see each other
    we’re hiding where its safe and sound
    don’t cry darling, we will not be found
    just close your eyes, and breathe
    see what you want to see
    the lights are off
    we can go anywhere you want to, just tell me where
    take my hand, i’ll show you how easy it is to escape
    look where…[Read more]

  • Mi Chiamano Alex commented on the post, slip 6 years, 1 month ago

    I still think of you,
    every now and then
    About how you almost ruined my life,
    And how I almost let you.
    My will almost made me drop to your feet.
    I was almost weak,
    And I almost let you take my mind from me.
    You weren’t even in my life, but for a short moment.
    You tried to take everything from me..
    my weak mind let you, but my soul kept…[Read more]

  • Cold.
    I’m so cold.
    From head to toe.
    I try to move-
    my brain tells me so,
    “you will die if you stay here”
    My body will not move.
    I rip free.
    from the ground
    The color red
    oozes out.
    You save me
    you put me back together.

  • These words,
    that cross over into your brain
    are all intentionally put here
    for one reason
    to explain how I feel
    And who I am-
    The truth?
    Ha, but of course
    that’s all I could ever imagine telling you.
    And here it is:
    I’m a Hopeless Romantic.
    I’m a sucker for love movies,
    The only thing that ever crosses my mind,
    I think my…[Read more]

  • Shells, Shells-
    but not one to take home
    All different
    yet all the same
    Something like humans.
    Something like us-
    you and I
    We connect
    we found each other
    ended up in the same part
    of the same world
    and, my love
    Its unbelievable.
    and now that I met you
    I can’t live without you..
    Here we are
    love once…[Read more]

  • we are fools,
    To think that we could possibly last-
    We’re so different.
    you like this,
    I like that
    you want to
    and I don’t
    No one wants to see us together,
    and yet?
    we are.
    And it’s one of the utmost greatest things that has ever happened to me.
    you care for me.
    You have so much love.
    And you give so much love.
    Why do I feel so…[Read more]

  • Run Baby, Run-
    Don’t ever look back.

  • I have no idea what this is.
    I have no idea what I’m feeling.
    Love and pain..
    But let me tell you, my sweet baby-
    Being human is beautiful,,
    Because even in pain-
    We have the ability to find all things lovely.

  • You’ve planted something-
    Inside of me.
    It lives,
    and breathes.
    You were the creator;
    well, helped anyway.
    And because of that;
    I live,
    eat ,

  • STOP.
    my eyes slowly move up from the ground,
    you approach me.
    in the calmest manner.
    my face turns the reddest shade of purple.
    you soul engulfs me.
    and mine meets yours half way.
    it eats away at me,
    everyday of my life,
    I cannot seem to get the thought out of my head.
    It haunts me.
    I wake up to it.
    I like to say that…[Read more]

  • No one knows my name,
    ain’t that the way it should be?

  • There is something-
    that lives inside me,
    that lifts me;
    when I’ve fallen so hard.
    It picks me up.
    takes me away,
    In the most calm and easy way-
    any human could possibly imagine!
    happiness surrounds me!
    And who would’ve guessed-
    this could happen to me?!!?
    IT…[Read more]