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    And I’ve been to many. Festivals are where my early family made a living, It was side-show alley in the festivals where we would appeal to one and all passer bys of age to come and meet the wizard.

    Excitng shows with tricks and mirrors and masks. Kids were scared but not enough to comfort the occassional mother who was hooked, line and sinker

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    “Yep…Steady there Boyo, Steady… if you rock this plank of a boat again, we’re in the drink….Steady”, I said, “Look, you’ve got one foot in the……..ARGH!!

    PS: of course many use ‘steady’ as meaning hasty which of course is far from accurate. Steady is akin to ‘even’ as in ‘even-keel’

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    Nope. Off to bed Bronhill. I’ve got othjer words to write about. Life is more important (and short) to be bothereing aboiut ‘joyous’ at this time of night. I want to write abouit moeny and wealth and riches an (whoops the bell)

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    No this can’t be…! I’m trying to do out of date onewords but all roads are pointing to ‘joyous’ and I’m not happy. No joyouis moments in this.. I wan a new word – please You’ve got one las chance and where is the time up bell??

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    Joyous again! Well I’m not finding this easy even though I did this not more than 10 minutes earlier. I decided to catch up on onewords from the past and I scored this again. I suppose it could be joyous, (after time-up: but it would be more joyouser if I could come up with something a bit gutsier than this eh?

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    You are joking…Joyous, on a day like today. It has done nothing but wuther. Wuther Wuther Wuther! All over the country we have Wuther and wuthering

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    Everywhere and all over. Iv.e never imagined that being adorned in this way transforms the most meagre to the most sublime. Adornments to all parts of the forearm makes fluorescence powder appear lifeless.
    Sure, no clothing but with body-cover made of fleshy sparklers no-one asks for any other view than the one that now resembles the twinkling…[Read more]

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    The best nest in the rest o the world is the one that I fond most vomfortable, It looks nothing lika nest but with my sheila lying oon the nest as well it converts an others cold and unwelcoming pair of sheets to […]