• You were always searching for somebody that made you feel special. I was right here. I wanted to make you feel loved. You wanted it to, I felt it in the soft strokes of your finger tips along my skin, and I felt it in the way your eyes lingered at my lips a few moments too long. You won’t let yourself believe it means anything, but I know it means…[Read more]

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    My first memory is particularly gory, and you always said that’s why I enjoy bad horror movies so much. I ran and slid across the snow. My face hit an old fashioned lamp post, like the one’s they have in Narnia. […]

  • You were supposed to be away for another year. I didn’t speak to you for four months, I couldn’t deal with the sad look in your eyes, and the anger that followed when I remembered you left me behind. I saw you […]

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    I can’t live my life this way forever. You are gone and my world has tail spun into blackness; or perhaps I was already in the darkness before you left. I think that’s why you left in the end, I can be too much. […]

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    You slither up to my side and you’re warm. For a moment I’m comforted, but then your face is too close to mine, and your whole body is weighing down on me, and I know I don’t love you, and I don’t want to be here […]

  • Now that you’re far away, I don’t know what to do on a bad night. You used to hold me until the memories were blurs again. Now all I have is a jumper that smells vaguely of you, and as I lay here curled up around […]

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    You told me not to dwell on the bad things. I try not to. I try not to think of the large, clumsy hands fumbling with the zip of the tent and then with my sleeping bag. I try not to think of the clammy hands […]

  • The first time I saw you, we were five years old. I stared at you for what felt like hours, but had to have been something like a whole minute. Your hair glowed like an angel’s halo, golden and wonderful, and your […]