• I was chosen for this role. I was given the opportunity to be something great to someone, love someone, care and be with them and I just go and mess it all up! I wish I had been chosen, then I wouldn’t see the pain upon his face every time he looks at my direction.

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    The aura that exuded the place made matters worse. You could tell Steven and Diana had been up to no good. The grim smirk on there faces and the subtle wiping of the face when they felt no one was looking. It was the aura in the room that gave it all away.

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    Emila ran across the beach screaming “Momma Momma” there is the ice cream man! I want an ice cream cone she yelled with excitement. Lilly her mom just seemed to ignore the request when a flash of a twist cone from another individual walked past her. She caved in! Emila got her ice cream and she was excited!

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    I’m not a savage. YOU THINK I’M A SAVAGE!? She yelled in outrage. He looked at her puzzled and tense as though he believed his words were not harmful. Hana looked at him and said well you don’t know me nor this land very well.

  • It poured down like the rain would capture them a sweep them away. He looked at her drench in cold water shivering like a small wet puppy and he moved slightly over to her and placed his umbrella over her as he let his clean black tux become drench. She admired him for his chivalry.

  • Her car broke down in the middle of nowhere. In distress. She looked for her cell phone. Nowhere to be found. This is when she began to panic. How could I be so careless she thought. It took her a moment to gather her thoughts and just when it all started to make sense…..

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    A breath of fresh air to hear that small tiny voice say “Momma! Momma!” I am looking forward to those scraped knees, longs nights, tears, and all the many other blessings that will come along with being a mother. My chance will come soon enough! I look forward to it!

  • She sat in the sun. Soaking up the warmth that caressed her skin ever so softly. It had been a long cold winter. She sat there just soaking up the sun as if she wanted to be sundried like the raisins she was so casually eating.

  • She catapulted into the air as though she was as graceful as a bird. She flew with ease, grace and love. She loved been jilted from the trapeze it was her life’s dream to make everyone think she was the most amazing part of the show.

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    It wasn’t a party until she brought Taboo out of the closet. We all gathered around anticipating her next move. Open the box I thought silently in my head and then she decided to go for monopoly instead. My dreams were crushed.

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    Auburn was her name. She was the array of beauty. She had a heart of gold. It wasn’t until you met her that you understood the meaning of a genuine soul and the kindness of a loving woman. Auburn was her name. She was an array of beauty.

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    It pained her to watch him walk away into the distance. The rain that once was so beautiful in her eyes now felt like a stinging pain pulsating through her veins. She wished that the rain would stop and he would come back to her. The one thing Allegra felt relief in was that she could cry and no one would notice with the rain hitting her face as…[Read more]

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    The truth is it’s not an everyday thing where I can sit and imagine all the beauty and let my mind room into all the imagery in what it can create. I would relish the moment in which I can sit at the writers table and let my heart be content. This is the truth in which I am free.

  • The sun had drifted upon the horizon, the day was withered away by the gently breeze of the wind between the trees. I was searching for an adventure at this time of night and could only find it cuddled up by the fire place with a mystery novel.

  • She paced the floor back and forth wondering if she was ready for the jump. For him to be her husband was initially her dream but she wasn’t sure if that’s what she still wanted. Her mom knocked on the door, not knowing what doubts rushed through her daughters mind. Her mom yelled “Are you ready my darling?” In which the daughter had no reply.

  • Officers I need your help, my husband has just been shot! Screams the lady on the recorded audio playing in the courtroom. We all sat there stunned by her chilled voice. We all couldn’t even fathom this case as it was and this was just the icing on the cake.

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    The game persisted in a way that frustrated her. She was such a child in nature. Helen didn’t want to take the chance of continually disappointing herself so she immediately decided to forfeit.

  • Aiden a frequent visitor to the diner. Was such a simple man. Clean shaving I tell ya. Aiden seemed like the kind of man that in his spare time would sit next to a fire with a glass of wine and read a good book. He came off as a distinguished man. I never could fathom if it was just in my imagination or if this was truly a simple man of authority.

  • She looked above and immediately began trembling. Pacing back and forth… and in a small kiddish voice mumbled “Mom I can’t do this! What if they drop me?” She managed the courage to glance at the mountain again wondering how someone could even climb higher and higher without panicking. How could someone want this type of adventure? Have I gone…[Read more]

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    Both sisters looked at each other in dismay. Hoping that at some point the other would be able to studder out some word of some sort. Time lingered on and neither one of them made a sound not even a single peep. Looking at them from a distance I just assumed they were both in deep thought and needed to be set free. I walked over to them with…[Read more]