• They say the arts are important, and that we would be nowhere without them.
    I tell them that the arts are dead, and that they would be at Starbucks without them.

  • The roar of twenty million gallons of dark water,
    40 million animals swimming inside,
    all inside a conch shell,
    held to a careful ear.

  • Benjamin Fraser commented on the post, use 6 years, 11 months ago

    To Use:
    First, remove the soul,
    Break down the human parts,
    Create shadows to hate.

    Convince them that you have the answer to their woes.
    Give them hope,
    That you will right the wrongs wrought on them.

    Third, get what you need,
    Rid yourself of their shell.

  • “There are some solutions that are worse than the problem”, she whispered.
    But what does she know?
    She’s just the fool that gave away her voice for a mind.

  • Go forth, you broken, you humbled and shamed, you dregs of man, you who have been brought to live on the ground. Go forth and walk again, live again.

  • The fifth great fleet flung forth arrows, fleeing from their hallowed bows.

  • Tiny bits of flesh and candy sticking between the molars.
    I tried to grab a toothpick on the way out to wedge them free, but now I have bits of wood stuck instead.