• She was exquisite once.
    But once is gone and now she’s just…
    Well I won’t tell you what she is now.
    She was beautiful once
    But something took that from her,
    Now she’s less than average
    And still crying […]

  • She staples my mouth shut and tells me it’s different this time;
    that she won’t talk over my screams like all the times before.
    The word should be gullible.

  • My belief system is failing
    I’m having a hard time convincing myself that it’s all worth it
    But then I meet that one good person,
    He smiles and says please and thank you at the register
    He doesn’t know that he […]

  • recycle your words
    don’t play dirty games
    if perfect’s what your looking for
    you’re going to have to fall apart, my dear.