• The truth is…I am afraid.

    I am writing to you to confess that behind this rough exterior, this uncaring frame, lies a human being just as vulnerable as anyone.

    Never, I beg of you, think I do not care.

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    The steps great men have taken before you, their footprints are still visible in the sand if you look closely enough. All the heroes, lords and kings of the world have not faded into the darkness but are there, […]

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    His head a maze, his heart a hunter
    He thought it would be rent asunder
    And sure enough, just as thought
    He fell victim to a trap self-wrought

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    Ponytail-swinging, romcom-loving, chocolate-eating girly girl. Nice to look at, nice to hold, but given the chance these innocent-looking creatures will stop your dreams cold.

  • They say if you go back in time and change something really small and seemingly insignificant when you return to the present a lot will have changed. They call it the butterfly effect.

    What would my life be […]

  • Huge walls surrounded him on all sides. He was trapped in a maze, dark and foreboding. He tried to climb out, but he could not. They were too high and were polished too smooth. So he decided that the walls, […]

  • Life’s too short to care about what other people think of you, he thought as he free-floated in the airless void outside of the space station.

    Here he was orbiting earth; alone with the universe in the truest […]

  • “Chief, I wonder if the snow…”

    “What are you talking about, soldier?”

    “I wonder if the snow is her dress.”

    “Her? What are you blabbering about? Pull yourself together. They’re bound to send help […]

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    The President was untouchable. Everywhere he went he was accompanied by a posse of fully armed soldiers. Every building he was in had sharpshooters posted on the roof. Every person who wished to speak to him had […]

  • Everyone has the new iThing. Why don’t you have one? Get your iThing now. iThing, iThing, iThing. Just as slim and glossy as advertised. Everyone wants an iThing. But, wait! No one wants an iThing anymore. Have […]

  • The Festival of Ghosts. It was a tradition in her sleepy little hometown that she never really believed in. People would leave offerings of flowers and sweets to “appease the restless dead”. Of course she’d never […]

  • “Forgive me, Master, but I cannot diverge from your programming,” it said in its synthesizer voice. I gazed into its cold, unblinking robotic eyes. No hint of life; yet here it was, moving on its own accord. It […]

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    The odds aren’t in your favor. Those were the last words that came out of his mouth. Or those were the last words I think he said before I pulled the trigger of the gun that was jammed into his mouth. Cocky bastard.

    Never tell me the odds. I make my own.

  • The large, burly man grabbed the boy and before he knew it he was dangling thirty stories above street-level by his collar. “Go ahead,” he said, looking the man in the eye, “do it. I dare you.” The man averted his gaze and paused for a moment, as if to think. Then he let go. […]

  • The boy had plans. Yes, he was going places. Oh, the places he would go, the people he would see… He had a plan and he was very well going to stick to it. No distractions, no detours, but a lot of room for error. “They can knock you down,” his old man had once […]

  • His fist slammed into the door which broke off its hinges. Splinters now littered his room.

    “I…I’m sorry,” she stammered, thinking it was unwise for one to anger a demigod.

  • Fences keep the bad things out. All his life the boy had been told this. But one day he dared to cross over to the other side and he found out that what he had been told all his life was only half right. Yes, they keep some of the bad things out…but they keep […]

  • Food was scarce and at the moment he was starving. He was so hungry, in fact, that he might eat a horse or two.

    But that’s not possible, he thought to himself, horses are extinct.

    For now, the humans would have to do.

  • From the cabin of the small plane he stared at the runway. Here he was, ready to start fresh in some distant land where he didn’t even know how to say ‘hello’ or ask ‘what’s your name?’ The problem with leaving behind an old life, he thought, was that you’re not sure if you’re done […]

  • No one knew what lay below the old hatch. A lot of people said it was just an old, abandoned coal mine while the old timers said it had once been used as a bunker by the military. Once, while eating at a diner, I came across an old man who told me he had […]