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    She’d made a huge mistake. The words were out before she could take them back and they brooked no confusion. No path lay open to alter what she’d said. There was only one interpretation available, and of course, he’d gone to it immediately. And as soon as his face fell, as soon as his knees went out from under him, and his heart dropped to his…[Read more]

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    They came at him sideways,crabwise, liquid. Violence he was prepared for. Manipulation, infiltration, all the tools of warcraft were at his disposal. He hadn’t prepared for, couldn’t prepare for an attack from the gods. Disease had carried off more than half of his population and now his ancient enemy came offering the cure. All he had to do was…[Read more]

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    I pulled back hard. Taking careful aim I let the ball bearing slip from my fingers. The surgical tubing snapped back to its original length pulling the steel ball with it. The ball rocketed forward propelled by the released energy.

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    I held my hand awkwardly in front of me. I was afraid to touch it, afraid to touch anything, certain my skin would simply slip off. I had read horror stories about the consequences of liquid burns, but never took any precautions. I cursed my stupidity, my naivete, as I looked down at my rapidly […]

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    It never stopped. The horrific crashing. The guns finally fell silent the day the last human died.

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    A flicker. A crackle. A burst of pain and death. I stood facing him alone, behind the rows of fallen. My sword heavy, my shield dragging, I knew that now was my only chance. We had spent so many lives charging the walls of this castle, and now the Emperor would die.

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    Bloodless, dry, and somehow still moving. The waves of undead crash into the barricades. We all knew it would end someday, society can’t sustain itself forever, but who knew it would end like this? Zombies I suppose we had prepared for. But skeletons? It doesn’t even make sense.

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    It had been 10 years. He worried. Worried that things would be different, that no one would remember him, that he’d gotten old, fat, bald, and boring. Worried that he wouldn’t be able to handle it. He lied to himself though. He told himself he was worried about seeing his friends, when he was really […]

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    I didn’t know I was gay until I was 19. I knew that I liked boys long before that. I don’t remember not liking boys. Its just, I didn’t know there was a word for it, or that other people were like this. The community didn’t talk about differences. They only focused on sameness. It […]