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    Her sleeves were too long so she pushed them back up to her elbows. They really did get in the way, but the cold rain was too much to go with just the tank top she had underneath. Her fingers curved around the bow as she stalked carefully through the trees around her. Some birds chirped overhead, and she briefly turned to look.

    She didn’t…[Read more]

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    He ventured out into the desert on his own.

    It wasn’t necessarily a good decision, but it was the right decision and that’s all that could possibly manner. Someday he’d be far, far away from the town he grew to hate and the people he grew to love. It was a chance to test his limits and ascend into the glory he knew he had coming.

    He just…[Read more]

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    He was joyful in her arms.

    It was a rare feeling. Often just a thought of her pale skin in the harsh lighting of the bathroom, or her curls sticking to her face in the shower, or the way her nose crinkles when she’s thinking gave him the same warmth.

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    “Your indecision is killing me.”

    “Oh, fuck off.”

    Lilly always took too long. Peter could’ve given her a thousand options and her only answer would be ‘oh, whatever you wanna do’. It drove him up the wall. How was he supposed to know what she wanted to do? Could he read minds?

    “Fine, let’s-”

    “No, I don’t want to.”

    “…Okay. Whatever.”

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    He flipped over the last card and growled. He’d just lost the last bit of money to his name. He hated the casinos on Jupiter- the house always won, and the rules of the games made little sense.

    Still grumbling, he stepped outside to take a drag on a cigarette. It would be a while before he made it home.

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    He makes her blush. Sometimes he’ll pull out her chair, offer to take her jacket off. Once he even carried her across a puddle so her (worn out and ruined) shoes wouldn’t get wet. It was cliche and horrible but she loved it. Sometimes she found herself missing him simply for that fluttery feeling she had in her chest when he was feeling nice, but…[Read more]

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    The ship is in distress, but I’m in no hurry. I watch the waves crashing around and see the men jumping ship. It makes me laugh. My fingers dig into my palms inside the relative safety of my pockets. This will be the last time. I will never see the sun again.

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    Was it worthwhile? It was a question she asked herself every day. It generally wasn’t. She hated her life.

    Was it worthwhile to throw her life away for the whims of…him. Sacrificing herself for his needs. Catering to his every whim. Wanting him when he didn’t want her.

    Fuck no it wasn’t.

    She couldn’t help it though. He was a siren…[Read more]

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    It starts just behind her upper teeth. That feeling that maybe, just maybe, things are about to go completely and utterly wrong. She’s been wrong in the past, though- but something tells her this time she is right […]

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    There was no life in this town. It was nothing more than a pit of despair, poverty, and drugs. Children with infants. The few who got out swore they’d never return, but they always did in the end. It got their […]

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    Nothing’s better than the view of Squall letting himself go beneath her. It’s the edge of his smile that really sets her off. It makes him look kind of child-like in its purity, but she doesn’t tell him. If she told him he’d stop. Instead she continues on, grabs his hand, and watches him through […]

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    It really wasn’t ever a sacrifice for him. Not really. He cared about her, and she needed his help and that was more than enough to make it work. He’d do it again a thousand times as long as she ended up safely back again. Nothing mattered past that.

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    Cloud supposes Tifa will forgive him in time. She still does his laundry, feeds him, puts up with his moping, makes him reach things she can’t, makes him do chores, and still looks at him with those stupid sad eyes of hers. He wants to kiss her and let her know he feels the same, […]

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    Reno’s on the edge of consciousness and all he can see is a field below. Somewhere Elena is screeching his name. He can feel Rude’s gloved hand shaking his shoulders violently. Hear Tseng’s voice barking orders.

    He smiles to himself and leaps.

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    Selphie likes to braid Irvine’s hair. Irvine doesn’t like it, but sometimes she just looks up at him with those gorgeous green eyes of hers and he can’t say no. She sits him down between her legs and rakes her cute little hands through his long hair and it feels like maybe he’s died and […]

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    It surprises the hell out of Rinoa when she finds out Squall is quite romantic. He buys her flowers (and blushes all cute-like when she makes a big deal out of them), knows how she takes her tea and makes her a cup in the morning, and wakes her up by kissing her temples.

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    People think that Zell is dense and kind of slow, but what most people don’t realize is that Zell is a massive history and geography buff. He scored the highest on all of his exams (SeeD, even!) in those areas.

    He’s just…excitable, is all.

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    Cid finds himself preoccupied by Shera’s breasts when she talks to him. She slaps him hard across the face.

    “Cid, goddammit, this is important!”

    “Fuck, Shera, I’m sorry!”

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    Selphie is convinced that she can get Squall to dress in drag for her most recent fundraiser. Rinoa laughs and agrees to join in, but tells Selphie not to get her hopes up.

    Eventually, Squall grabs them both and shoves them out the door. What a grump.

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    Reno flops on the couch and bends his knees to make room for Rude as he comes in the door. “Hey, partner. How’d it go?”

    Rude sat down and folded his arms. “She as an AVALANCHE spy, Reno. Bitch put something on my phone.”

    Reno was stunned. “I’m sorry, Rude.”