• Katy Crenshaw is trying out for the musical this year. Dave watched her go to the activities board and put her name on the list. This is my one chance to share an activity with her, maybe we’ll both get the leads. Maybe we’ll make out! Where can I get voice lessons in the next 24 hours?

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    My mother said she would only be staying for a week. That was six weeks ago. It wasn’t her fault she rolled her ankle stepping off the curb in front of the Chinese Theatre, but there was definitely more dramatic acting taking place on the sidewalk then had ever graced the silver screen inside.

  • College was supposed to be the best time of our lives. A time to make mistakes and take chances. I didn’t waste any time. I went to a party I never would have gone to in high school, never would have been invited to in high school. If I’d have known someone would’ve ended up dead, I would’ve stayed home and watched reality TV.

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    Nobody ever cleans behind the refrigerator. Nancy was pretty sure since she’d moved into the apartment she had dropped all sorts of foodstuffs back there just from cleaning off the counter after cooking a big meal. If she was going to do a spring cleaning, she was going to do it right. She never expected to find a finger.

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    Clara had lost three inches on her waist and the breast augmentation was done in just the right way; not too big, not too perfect, just enough to show Freddy Nauches what he missed out on in high school.

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    Today was the day Greg Hinkel was supposed to give the commencement speech. And today of all days was the day he woke up with quite possibly the biggest zit he had ever seen in his life. And it was right on the tip of his nose. The disgusting white head seemed to be pulsing with every heartbeat, taunting him to squeeze it and gush pus all over his…[Read more]

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    Finding the time to say goodbye shouldn’t be so hard. There is never a moment that feels right. I don’t want to say goodbye to her too soon, then we’ll have more weeks where we are just waiting for the end. Goodbye is final, not a penultimate act.

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    Cry Havok!

    Now, I know that is supposed to mean something else, probably from Shakespeare. But every time I see that phrase, I can’t help but think of the X-man, Havok. Likely, the phrase is, “Cry Havoc” and I’ve always just made it Alex Summers in my head.

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    They were my favorite toys growing up as a kid, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The best one out there had to be Stinkor. He was a skunk-man that smelled like patchouli. I didn’t know what patchouli was at the time. So when the girl I had a crush on in the eighth grade wore it, I thought it was weird.

  • What was he going to do. He took their money. He said he would vote in their favor. But someone sent him the research showing how bad fracking would be for his constituents. These big companies knew how to manipulate a man. If he crossed them, he was buried.

  • I gave her the ring and she just stared at it, not speaking.

    “It’s a promise ring,” I said, trying to fill the silence.
    “A promise of what?” she asked, twisting it in her hands, not slipping it on her finger.

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    It was dirty down in the basement. Not a normal dirty. The sort of dirt that had soaked into the floors and walls from years of neglect. Whoever had abandoned the house, had abandoned the basement a long time before moving out. And yet, it was full of boxes.

  • This is the section you need to sit in, Ned. Now I don’t want you moving until I get back, do you understand?

    Ned looked up at his father, not sure when he would be back. The last time they took one of these little trips to the library, his father disappeared for six hours.

  • It is said that you should do different things in your life to keep your brain growing. Even something as simple as taking a different route home from work will change your brain a little. Shake you out of your normal routine. Why I decided to go camping for the first time is beyond me.